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Where To Find High-Quality, Indoor CBD Flowers

Written by Alexandra Hicks

While CBD Flowers are naturally calming and pleasant, trying to find them can be a stressful hassle, despite how popular they’re becoming.

Sure you can find them at dispensaries here and there, but a quick search of Weedmaps shows that the going rate for good quality hemp flower – at least in my area of SoCal – is around $40 per 1/8 of an ounce. Not exactly cost efficient if you need to use them regularly for medical or therapeutic reasons. Just roll a few joints and you’ve smoked away $40. 

The next logical choice would be to search online, I mean, you can find anything on the interweb. But it becomes a bit of a crapshoot trying to figure out which companies are legitimate, priced right, high-quality, can accept your payment method, and so on.  

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Most people are currently holding out for the much-anticipated yield of this year’s harvest. Despite issues with frost and mold throughout Pacific Northwestern crops, it’s expected that the hemp harvest for 2019 will be massive no less. This potential oversupply would likely lead to some seriously competitive pricing for those looking to stock up. 

So, if you’re looking for top-notch, indoor CBD Flowers at a price that won’t break the bank; maybe some delicious new strain from the 2019 harvest, what are you best options?

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Alexandra Hicks

Managing editor at Cannadelics and U.S based journalist, helping spread the word about the many benefits of using cannabis and psychedelics.