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Product Launch Campaigns – Share Your Product With The World

Launching your product has never been easier than with the CBD Testers product launch campaigns.

With the right blend of sponsored content, newsletter advertising, and strategically placed  product reviews and product images, we will drive the right attention to you, exactly when you need it the most.

We currently offer one, two or three month-long product launch campaigns, carefully tailored to your specific needs.

Learn more about how to Promote Your CBD Flowers.

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CBD Flowers Advertising Package – The Smart Way To Promote Your Hemp Buds

We are offering 3 special advertising bundles which could put your high-CBD hemp flowers or prerolls in front of our extensive client list, full of people looking for the best-quality CBD buds.

Our carefully curated packages include sponsored content, strain reviews, newsletter advertisement and more. 

We are also offering some special bonuses if you sign up during the month of September. 

Learn more about how to Advertise Your CBD Flowers.

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The Product Review Program – The Right Way To Review CBD Products

Our program is quite simple – you send product samples, we give you reviews. Why is this so important for the success of your business? That’s also simple – because with us you’ll get real opinions from real people! Embrace our community of product reviewers who are anxious to help make the industry a better and more reputable place. 

Not only will you get to learn what other think about your products, but you will also benefit from word-of-mouth advertising and targeted marketing with the inclusion of your brand and products in our weekly newsletters

We currently offer a bundle deal and additional customized packages and discount options. 

Learn more about how to get your CBD Products Reviewed.

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Opinion (Op-Ed)

This section is our version of guest posts. We welcome opinion articles, or “thought leadership” projects, from anyone who has a unique insight and important information about the cannabis industry.

Here, we are not looking for SEO or link exchanges, only high-quality content from knowledgeable industry professionals who have a message to share. If you’re an SEO company, please contact us for more advertising options. 

Depending on what your specific needs are, Thought Leadership posts can be extremely beneficial for your brand. Due to the volume of submissions, we may not be able to respond to each person individually. If we choose to feature your article, you can expect to hear back from us within 1 week. 

Learn more about how to Submit an Article.

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Sponsored Content

Most of our advertising packages include something called Sponsored Content, which in short, is a detailed article about your brand, your company’s mission, as well as some of your best products. 

Sponsored Content is written by a member of our editorial team and it’s a great way to get pertinent information about your brand and products to an interested audience. 

Sponsored posts can be purchased individually or as part of an already existing advertising bundle. 

Learn more about your Sponsored Content availability. 

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Advertise Your Cannabis Industry Services

Do you have a cannabusiness? Or a cannabis-adjacent company? We will soon be launching a directory of all the most commonly searched for services such as dispensaries, attorneys, grow systems and information, licensing, etc. 

If you have a business of this nature, advertising through as many different avenues as possible is imperative. 

And what easier way than to add them to our directory? All you need to do is submit a short questionnaire about your company and we will review and list it. 

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Medical Cannabis and Cannabis Business Events

Do you need help spreading the word about your event? We have designed a special package just for you!

We will soon be launching our CBD Testers Events program, a separate site dedicated entirely to promoting cannabis industry events. On this site will be detailed information about your event, a calendar and directory listing, and the option for readers to purchase tickets directly through the site.

We will focus mainly on medical and business events, but some recreational events will be accepted also. 

Contact us for details: [email protected]

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