The CBD Flowers Advertising Package: The Smart Way To Promote Your Hemp Buds

Make sure your products reach the correct audience. With our CBD Flowers Advertising Package, we’ll help you do just that.

With the right blend of sponsored content, newsletter advertising, and strategically placed product reviews and product images, we will drive the right attention to you, exactly when you need it the most.

Our goal is quite simple – we want to share your best CBD flower strains with our subscribers. We want to provide them with the best deals while at the same time, diligently promoting your brand and products.

3 Simple Packages to Market Your CBD Flowers

Promote your CBD Flowers with 3 simple packages, designed to accommodate all of your advertising needs.

Option 1: The Bronze Package – This is a basic, introductory option for anyone who wants some extra exposure at an affordable rate. The Bronze Package keeps it simple; you will get a 1 newsletter placement in one of our successful newsletters. If you select this package, you will be able to upgrade to another option if you choose.

*BEST VALUE* Option 2: The Silver Package – The next step up is the Silver Package. In addition to the 1 newsletter placement from the previous package, this package also offers the option to send product samples to up to 50 of our very own CBD Testers, who will test out your product and review it. Our editorial team will then use the information from our CBD Testers’ reviews, and write an official product review for your items. This package truly combines all the elements of a successful marketing campaign – exposure, targeted advertising, market research, and affordability. The silver package can also be upgraded at a later date.

Option 3: The Gold Package – Top notch CBD flower advertising with market research. With the gold package, you will get everything mentioned in the previous options (send samples, product review, newsletter placement), as well as a full-length sponsored article that includes information about your reviewed product, your company, and other products in your inventory. You will also get an extra newsletter placement (for a total of 2).

Why Choose Our Packages?

Regardless of what bundle you choose, you will be able to reap the benefits of targeted advertising with the inclusion of your brand and flowers in our weekly newsletters. This level of exposure is great for building your brand as it will put your items in front of consumers who are interested in buying the best CBD flowers at the most competitive prices.

With the silver and gold packages, you will also get to learn a bit more about what consumers want with some in-depth market research. Because really, there’s no better way to get consumer input than to send samples to our network of CBD flowers testers, who will provide timely and honest feedback. Not only will you get to read what others think about your products, but you will also benefit from word-of-mouth advertising when our reviewers share the reviews on social media.

Our comprehensive advertising packages are the absolute best way to promote your CBD flowers. These marketing bundles will utilize multiple avenues through CBD Testers to put your product in front of thousands of potential customers. Not only will your strains get more attention, but if you opt for the silver or gold package, your strains will also be verified by us. All future consumers will know they are safe, high-quality, and effective.

We have had a lot of success with previous advertising campaigns, with companies seeing a very positive ROI.

Quick Recap

Here is a quick summary of what you can get with the each of our CBD Flowers Advertising Packages:

Bronze Package:

  • 1 newsletter placement in our popular CBD Flowers Weekly Newsletter, which has over 5,000 subscribers in the U.S. (as well as a couple thousand more in other countries).

Silver Package:

  • 1 newsletter placement in the CBD Flowers Weekly Newsletter
  • Send samples to our CBD Testers who will try your buds and provide feedback
  • An official product review written by a member of our editorial team

Gold Package:

  • 2 newsletter placements in the CBD Flowers Weekly Newsletter
  • Send samples to our CBD Testers who will try your buds and provide feedback
  • An official product review written by a member of our editorial team
  • A sponsored post that includes details about your company’s background and information about other strains in your inventory.
  • The option to share a coupon code with our subscribers to encourage first-time buyers.

Reminder: We only have 4 placements available each week. Act NOW before space runs out!

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