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The Recreational CBD Weekly Review & Newsletter: Big Changes Coming to Weedmaps, Vape Pod Safety, Cannabis Bud Potency, and more

Written by Alexandra Hicks
If you live in a legal or medical state in the U.S., you’ve likely heard of Weedmaps. Well, you can expect to see some major changes in their listings soon. 

Also, all the recent medical issues and hospitalizations linked to vaping have left many people wondering how to ensure the products they’re buying are safe. What should they look out for? And have you noticed how much more potent cannabis flower has become in recent years? All that and more in this week’s Recreational CBD Weekly Review and Newsletter


FEATURED STORY: Weedmaps Announces Plan To Advertise Licensed Cannabis Retailers Only


One of the biggest names in the cannabis industry just announced they would be asking all advertisers for their state license number for retail listings. So if you happen to use Weedmaps for your dispensary needs, especially in Southern California, expect to see quite a few listing disappear in the coming months. 

Essentially, that means all unlicensed cannabis services are to be nixed from the Weedmaps website in the coming months. Weedmaps announced the new move last week, and that left many licensed retailers excited. These retailers have been battling with the black market for years and have felt that battle in their bottom line.

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How To Ensure The Vape Pods You Buy Are Safe

vape pods

Recent headlines in the media over the safety of vaping have some people understandably concerned. With a spate of emergency room admissions in various states, it turns out tainted vape pods caused the issues. So how can you make sure the products you’re buying are actually safe?

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Is Cannabis Flower Getting More Potent?

cannabis flower

According to a recently released pan-European study, cannabis flower and resin/concentrates have doubled in potency, and also increased in price. This study, led by Dr. Tom Freeman and published in the journal Addiction from the University of Bath and King’s College London, has been tracking cannabis potency in 28 EU states for a full decade.

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Can CBD Improve Intimacy Issues?

cbd intimacy

There are seemingly many ways that CBD can help people between the sheets. Some people who have Erectile Dysfunction (ED) use CBD to relieve anxiety. Others claim that CBD boosts their libido and even their sexual performance. Some use products like intimate lubricants which contain CBD instead of synthetic chemicals; the list goes on and on.

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