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How To Ensure The Vape Pods You Buy Are Safe

Written by Steven Bridge

Recent headlines in the media over the safety of vaping have some people understandably concerned. With a spate of emergency room admissions in various states, it turns out tainted vape pods caused the issues.

While vaping has long-been touted as a safe alternative to smoking, several serious lung issues have the industry up in arms. And while all reputable vape companies – whether they sell E-cigarettes with nicotine, THC or CBD – ensure there are no nasties in their products, people have been purchasing more “affordable” THC and CBD vape pods from street dealers and pop-up markets. As a result, numerous people have been sent to the hospital with serious injuries.

Recent reports have confirmed that 22 individuals were hospitalized with vaping related issues across the Midwest over the past few weeks. Patients from three states attended hospital emergency rooms with severe breathing problems, while many had to be assisted with their breathing to keep them alive.

Meanwhile, in California, seven people were hospitalized in Hanford after they purchased and consumed tainted vape cartridges containing THC (the psychoactive element in cannabis). The issues in California were so severe that even the Kings County public health department issued a warning advising people not to buy vape cartridges from unknown sources and certainly not from street dealers.

There are some essential things to look out for when it comes to purchasing vape pods. Whether it’s nicotine, CBD or THC Vape Juice one is seeking, here are some smart rules of thumb to follow.

Buy From Reputable Sources

While the vaping industry is mostly unregulated, there are some rules and regulations in place to keep consumers safe. No matter which vape juice or vape pods (cartridges) you buy, it’s always a good idea to do some homework and ensure that the company selling the product are legitimate and have a good reputation.

Companies with a solid reputation will usually have a lot of good online reviews and will be well-known in the industry. The main point here is to buy from a company and not from a random street dealer or market. All of the vape pods, which led to the various health issues were purchased from such places.

Always Read The Label

Obviously, in the majority of cases when vape pods are purchased from street dealers or markets, there is no label on the product to read. That’s the first red flag as all reputable vape manufacturers have clear labeling across all their products.

Legitimate label information will include details of the ingredients inside, a short profile of the nicotine or THC/CBD content and other information, usually about storage of the item. If you buy a vape cartridge without clear labeling, you are potentially opening yourself up to a substandard product which could be damaging to your health.

Check Third-Party Lab Results

In this day and age, all reputable vape producers send their products to an approved third-party lab for rigorous testing. The very best companies will even have their nicotine, or CBD vape juice checked on a batch-by-batch basis, even though that costs extra for them. Third-Party lab results for vape juice are the gold standard when it comes to the nascent vaping industry.

These labs test for nicotine, CBD/THC levels, and profiles but also for additives. As a matter of course, labs test the liquids for things like pesticides, chemical additives, solvents, and heavy metals, and this information is provided clearly and transparently to customers.

Never Made in China

One of the main concerns doctors in various states had with the spate of admissions was the fact that a lot of the products appeared to be made in China. The vaping industry in the west may be unregulated on the whole. However, there are some standard rules and procedures in place that are adhered to.

Unfortunately, nicotine and CBD/THC vape juices made in China are unregulated and can contain some dangerous additives. In China, no third-party lab testing is carried out, and the source of the nicotine, CBD, or THC in the product can also be questionable.

Final Thoughts

When purchasing any type of vape product, whether for nicotine, CBD, THC, or any other matter, try to buy products that are made in America or Europe. Always ensure you’re purchasing from reputable vendors who source high-quality extracts only. Always read the label and try to ensure you check any third-party lab results provided by the company. Finally, no matter what, never buy vape pods or E-liquid from black market street dealers or pop-up markets where the source of the product is unclear.

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