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What’s the Deal with CBD Water?

cbd water
Written by Steven Bridge

The list of CBD products on the market today is seemingly endless. There are CBD oil tinctures in a range of flavors, CBD vape juices, CBD gummy bears and even CBD for pets. But what about CBD water? Now there’s an idea.

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a compound in cannabis and hemp that’s getting a lot of attention lately. The attention is generally very positive; whether it be from the media or medical professionals, and user feedback is also pretty good. CBD could treat a range of ailments and issues like insomnia, anxiety, and depression, and pain, to name a few. 

Cannabidiol, unlike THC, is a cannabinoid inside hemp that makes people feel relaxed, calm, and healthy but without the high or disorienting sensations that cannabis is known for. Having been discovered and isolated relatively recently, CBD is the latest wonder supplement in the alternative medicine world. It’s legal in many states and also in some countries in Europe and is sold online and at health stores and other retail outlets.

While many people like to take CBD in oil form, under the tongue or in food, others prefer to smoke or vape CBD flowers or CBD vape juice. This is due to it entering the bloodstream immediately via the lungs. Ideal for those needing rapid relief from their symptoms. Many people who don’t suffer from anything specific also use CBD, simply by incorporating it into their everyday lives in one way or another. That’s why CBD water is the latest thing (in places where CBD’s legal), and there are those out there who swear by it.

cbd water

CBD Living Water is one of the best known brands on the market

While the jury is still out on the real medicinal benefits of CBD, at least officially, there are clinical studies and research papers which conclude that CBD is an excellent thing for pain, anxiety and other conditions. CBD can also be infused into water, with manufacturers claiming it offers a bunch of health and well-being benefits.

To avoid confusion, it’s worth noting that CBD water does not contain high concentrations of CBD like many other products on the market. It’s more of a gimmick than a real health solution, although it could be beneficial as part of an ongoing wellness regimen. With only around a few milligrams of CBD in each bottle of water, most people will feel no effects at all from CBD water.

CBD water manufacturers claim that due to unique nanotechnology, less CBD equates to the same as a potent tincture of CBD oil. They claim that their proprietary nanotechnology decreases the size of the CBD particles, giving your body the ability to absorb it faster and more effectively. The medical research is thin on the ground for now though, and there’s no conclusive evidence to suggest that nanoparticles are more effective.

The other issue is that CBD is unstable when exposed to things like light and air. That fact makes CBD water also questionable for several reasons, especially if it sits a store fridge or shelf for long periods. Furthermore, as soon as a bottle of CBD water is opened and exposed to the elements, the cannabinoid content immediately starts to degrade.

The only viable way to sell CBD water, in reality, is to market it in opaque bottles. This is an issue for the industry as water almost always comes in transparent glass or plastic bottles. In a clear bottle, CBD will break down from the get-go, and if it’s purchased weeks or months later, there could be almost zero left CBD inside. Furthermore, to date, CBD water is oppressively expensive for most people. Coming in at around $6 for a small bottle, CBD water is way more pricey than other forms of CBD; if it’s just the CBD you’re after.

If you’re into CBD and money is no object, it’s a great way to get that little extra and to hydrate at the same time. Always read the label and ensure that the CBD you purchase comes from a safe a reputable source and is backed by third-party lab tests for peace of mind.

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