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The PhenoPen: A Premium CBD Vaping Experience

Written by Steven Bridge

When it comes to medical cannabis and CBD, new research and innovation are moving so fast, it’s often hard to keep track. But once in a while, products, such as the PhenoPen vape pen, come along that are clearly a cut above the rest and you’re forced to take note.

The numerous health benefits of CBD are only recently being explored and discovered properly for the first time in history. And while cannabis is most famous – and notorious – for THC, the compound in the plant that offers the psychoactive or “stoned” effects, CBD is rising to fame even more these days. So what is all the fuss about when it comes to Cannabidiol?

CBD has always been present in cannabis and hemp, but it was only understood, isolated and specially extracted recently. That means that people who suffer from pain, anxiety, inflammation, insomnia and a range of other conditions can benefit greatly from the medicinal qualities of cannabis but without the high or disorienting effects.

That’s great news for those who would rather medicate with a natural, organic and non-toxic alternative to prescription medications like sleeping pills and pain killers.

And the best CBD vape pen of 2019 is…

PhenoPen, the best CBD vape pen

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Ways to Take CBD

Even though CBD in its isolated form is a relatively new discovery, it has been formulated into a number of different delivery systems. CBD can be ingested sublingually or via the stomach, applied to the skin as a topical, smoked or vaporized in flower form and taken in a CBD vape pen.


Phenopen CBD cartridges

  • Ingestible CBD delivery methods include CBD Oil Tinctures, CBD Pills, and Softgels, CBD Gummy Bears and Mints and even CBD Coffee.
  • Non-ingestible CBD delivery methods include smoking or vaping CBD Flowers (also called CBD Buds and Hemp Buds,) Vaping CBD Vape Pens, and CBD Topicals and Creams.

So why do some people prefer to ingest CBD via the stomach, while others favor smoking or vaping CBD via the lungs? There’s a good reason for that. CBD helps thousands of people with a range of symptoms. But not all CBD is equal, and moreover, not all CBD delivery methods are either.

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Whether it’s for migraines, pain, inflammation, sleeplessness, anxiety, or anything else, there’s a big difference when taking CBD via the stomach and via the lungs. When ingestible CBD is taken via the stomach using CBD Oils or CBD Edibles, it takes between 30 minutes and an hour for the active elements in the compound to enter the bloodstream.

When CBD is smoked or vaped, it enters the lungs and therefore the bloodstream immediately and effects reach their peak within a minute or two.

Premium CBD Vape Pens

There is a range of great CBD Vape Pens on the market these days, including refillable, rechargeable devices as well as one-time-use disposable devices. However, from our substantial experience, many of these products are marketed well and look good and are often tasty. But, and it’s a big but because oftentimes we feel little-to-no effects from them.

As the name suggests, we at CBD Testers like to test everything CBD. We sample products from around the world and our dedicated team has decades of combined experience when it comes to just about any aspect of CBD.

Once in a while, we receive a CBD product that knocks our socks off, and while we try to be as unbiased and objective as possible, we also like to be honest and upfront with our dedicated readers and newsletter followers. When the guys over at Mabsut Life sent us over one of their premium CBD Vape Pens – known as the Phenopen, we knew it was a cut above the rest as soon as we opened the box.

Phenopen CBD Vape Pen

It feels weird calling the Phenopen a vape pen as it’s clearly so much more than that. The device feels solid in the hand and is constructed from the best quality raw materials. The device comes in two pieces – the battery and the cartridge – and there are no buttons to operate so using the Phenopen couldn’t be simpler.

The Phenopen Experience

We’d love to go into chapter and verse (like we usually do) about how to achieve the perfect vaping experience from this device. But we can’t as it’s as easy as opening the box, taking out the Phenopen and taking your first puff. The first thing that struck us when we did that was the puff-activated vibration feature on the device. As you puff on the comfortable transparent mouthpiece, the Phenopen vibrates softly in your hand to let you know that the device is working.

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The CBD vapor from the Phenopen is so smooth, you’d be forgiven for not being sure whether or not you took a puff or not. That soft and constant vibration also adds a sense of mindfulness to the Phenopen experience, as different senses get stimulated all at the same time. The liquid inside the capsule looks thick and tasty and that’s exactly what it is. With a delicious flavor of CBD extract and no other additives or flavorings in the mix, this has to be one of the tastiest vape juices we’ve sampled to date. The viscous CBD liquid inside saturates the throat on each inhale and leaves a pleasant taste in the mouth and a subtle aroma in the room.

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The Phenopen Process

We need to get technical with you for just a moment as we want to explain what, in our humble opinion, makes the Phenopen stand out above the rest. Firstly, the CBD extract inside the capsule goes through rigorous certified processing. That includes their proprietary triple filtration technology for removing THC. That’s important, especially for people who don’t want to show up positive for THC in a drugs test.

The thick liquid inside the Phenopen capsule is made from 100% CBD and Hemp and nothing else. No carrier liquids like PG, VG or MCT, and no additives or solvents. The capsule contains Cold-Pressed & Unrefined Hemp Oil, extracted using the best, most advanced C02 Extraction Technology. The CBD liquid also includes Full Spectrum Cannabinoids and a remarkable 59.7% CBD concentration. Each Phenopen cartridge contains 0.5ml of CBD liquid, with a total of 150mg of CBD inside.

The Phenopen Effect

Thanks to the unique process used by the Phenopen team when it comes to CBD extraction and formulation, the effects of the Phenopen are simply much stronger, more rounded and longer-lasting than other vaping devices and Vape Juices we’ve tried (and we’ve tried a lot.) We knew as soon as we took out first puff on the Phenopen that the effects were going to be strong. We knew that from the flavor and the amount of vapor produced by one small puff.


The Phenopen and cartridges – sold separately

Having taken just 3 puffs each on the Phenopen we sat back, sipped our coffee and waited. Within a minute the effects came on and were amazing. Personally, I felt an immediate sense of calm come over me, despite the 12-hour work day I’d just done. I felt relaxed and chilled both in my mind and my body, and that nagging muscle ache in my back which had been bothering me disappeared too. I also enjoyed one of the best night’s sleep I’ve had in ages and I woke up feeling refreshed and more invigorated than usual.

The Phenopen Price

We were sure that this product was going to have a high price point, and we enjoyed it so much we didn’t really care. But when it came to the nitty-gritty of the pricing we were honestly shocked but in a good way. As it turns out, each Phenopen cartridge contains the equivalent of around an ounce of CBD Flower.

Each cartridge gives approximately 300 puffs and that means it can easily last an intermediate user up to a month or more. The battery part of the Phenopen has a capacity of 320 mAh and a power output of 8.5W. The Phenopen is 105mm long, with a diameter of 14mm and weighs just 27 grams.

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The liquid inside is also enriched with cannabinoids and terpenes which are reintroduced following the extraction process to encourage the entourage effect of the full spectrum CBD. The Phenopen is made in the USA and manufactured in GMP compliant facilities only. There are also robust third-party lab results provided for all of Phenopen’s products.

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