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Vaping CBD to Manage Pain

Written by Sophie Smith

As growth in cannabis use has taken off in recent years, we’re also seeing an increase in the ways we can use this natural remedy to benefit our health problems.

There are several ways to take CBD and each is designed to suit a specific need depending on your condition. For example with eczema and acne, topical relief like balms or salves may be a great choice. Edibles are another option for long-lasting relief if time isn’t an issue. Smoking CBD flowers was always the popular (and obvious) choice for quick relief, but as time and technology have moved on, vaping is now the new alternative for giving you that much-needed pain relief.

Fast-acting CBD Absorption

vaping pain

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Like smoking, vaping CBD hits the spot faster than other ways of consumption. This is due to how the cannabinoids enter the bloodstream. When you eat products containing CBD, the cannabinoids need to pass through your liver to be metabolised and take effect. This process takes longer compared to vaping, which enters the bloodstream quicker and provides you with speedy benefits. If you’re suffering with chronic pain conditions like Multiple Sclerosis or Fibromyalgia, this is the best option for fighting pain in a flash.

In this way, vaping CBD is also more bioavailable to our bodies. To you and I, this simply means that we absorb a greater amount of the beneficial effects of CBD than if we were to eat it.

Customized Dosage

Because vaping gives a more instant effect when it comes to pain relief, it’s easier to gauge when enough is enough. Administering CBD on this ‘vape-as-you-feel’ basis allows you to be more in control of your dosage and you can simply stop when you feel sufficient relief. If on a day-to-day you’re trying to cope with anxiety or stress, this can be a game-changer in order to help you feel relaxed but not sleepy.

In comparison, edibles take much longer to kick in. And once you’ve munched them, that’s it! Yes, edibles usually come with a CBD dosage in milligrams, but unless you know what strength you require, it can take some time of trial and error until you discover what dose is right for your needs.

A Cleaner Way to Smoke

Compared to smoking the old fashioned way, vaping shows promising benefits as a cleaner alternative. In 2001 a study, researchers found that vaping cannabis eliminates potential carcinogens and toxins that traditional smoking creates. This is because vaping uses much lower temperatures. For those using cannabis to help manage cancer, this is promising news, as carcinogens are literally cancer causing compounds.

Another study found that you also get even more benefit from the plant, because the cannabinoids also don’t burn off in the same way as with smoking. This is a plus for any condition, as you’re getting more benefit for your bucks.

Final Thoughts

If you’re suffering with a chronic pain condition like arthritis, fibromyalgia or MS, vaping is a fantastic option for delivering the fast-acting relief that you need.

For this reason, it’s great if you need comfort from dealing with stress or anxiety disorders too. Because you can vape-as-you-go, it’s convenient and you’re more in control of your dosage.

Vaping CBD also delivers a greater percentage of benefit from the cannabinoids compared to smoking. And as vaping also doesn’t burn cannabis flowers like smoking does, this could also be great news if you’re using cannabis to help manage cancer.

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Sophie Smith

Sophie Smith is a writer and natural health enthusiast. Founder of a green beauty blog, her knowledge of natural remedies and plant-based cosmetics has lead Sophie to become an advocate for the many benefits of cannabis as an alternative medicine. Her mission is to help combat the stigma associated with 'cannabis' by writing factual content that empowers your CBD choices.