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CBD Edibles

CBD Edibles One Of Next Year’s Top Nutrition Trends

cbd edibles
Written by Alexandra Hicks

Along with microdosing magic mushrooms, ketogenic snacks, and organic everything; CBD edibles are expected to be one of the top food trends of 2019.

“Top chefs across North America are infusing CBD in everything from baked goods to grass-fed butter to fine dining favourites like emulsions, purées and cooked meat,” claims Meghan Telpner, nutrition expert and founder of the Academy of Culinary Nutrition in Toronto, discussing CBD edibles. “Though larger cohort studies are needed to confirm the safety and benefit of long-term use, people are finding relief from anxiety, pain and other ailments with CBD. I expect the ingredient will soon be cropping up on menus and in ready-made foods, beauty care and cookbooks.”

Healthy CBD edibles

Healthy CBD edibles

With the increasing popularity of CBD products, and of course, their tremendous therapeutic value, the industry has inevitably moved passed the basic cannabutter and infused brownies. When it comes to CBD edibles, they’ve been advancing much faster than THC edibles and you can find a variety of organic food items that utilize the cannabinoid.

Although CBD edibles have a slower onset in regards to the cannabidiol actually getting into the bloodstream, it’s still considered a favorite option for many reasons. For starters, the slow release allows for continuous absorption over a longer period of time, meaning that the effects last much longer than with other consumption methods. This can be advantageous for certain ailments including arthritis, chronic pain, and insomnia.

Most edibles have a CBD content ranging from 10-30mg per serving. They’re also relatively easy to make at home, so you can create whatever food you’re in the mood for and infuse it with oil or isolate to your liking. So versatile!

Have you ever tried CBD edibles? If so, were they effective for you? Did they work better than vaping, smoking, or capsules? Drop us line in the comment section below, we’d love to hear from you!

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