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CBD Edibles Make Daily Healthy Living A Reality

CBD Edibles
Written by Jack Woodhouse

CBD edibles are a favourite method of consuming CBD for many. By infusing CBD within tasty treats such as candy and confectionary, CBD edibles offer an enjoyable way of taking CBD. Not only do CBD edibles make an enjoyable way to administer CBD, however, but they also make dosing extremely accurate.

CBD edibles are available in many different varieties and with varying levels of CBD (usually 10-30 mg per serving).

As the CBD in edibles has to be absorbed via the digestive system, however – as opposed to CBD oil, which is absorbed via the mouth – it is not the most efficient method of taking CBD. Potentially, you may need a higher dose when consuming edibles than if you were to, say, take CBD oil sublingually.

Additionally, as the edible has to be broken down in the stomach before the CBD can be absorbed by the digestive system, the effects can take some time to manifest. Much of this depends on the last time you ate, i.e. the emptier your stomach, the quicker absorption rates will be.

While CBD edibles are one of the slowest ways to get CBD into your bloodstream, it does allow for a continuous absorption over time, resulting in drawn-out effects over a longer period. This can be beneficial for a number of conditions, such as chronic pain and arthritis, as well as for pre-bedtime administration.


As CBD Edibles are a pleasant and convenient method of taking CBD, they make a particularly attractive option when introducing CBD into your wellness routine. Thanks to their convenience and long-lasting effects, CBD edibles are useful for treating such conditions as anxiety, depression and arthritis, as well as managing chronic pain.

Due to CBD’s potent anti-inflammatory properties, CBD edibles may also be beneficial in keeping inflammation at bay throughout the day, whilst taking one before bed will allow the effects to continue overnight.


The suggested serving is 10 mg once or twice a day, or as needed until symptoms are relieved or desired effects are felt. Once the effects take hold, there is no need consume anymore.


  • Accurate dosage
  • Convenient
  • Enjoyable
  • Discreet
  • Long-lasting effects


  • Slow absorption
  • Lower absorption rates
  • Delayed effects

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