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Relax and Unwind with CBD Hemp Buds

cherry cbd hemp buds
Written by Alexandra Hicks

Even if you’re not doing it, we all know someone who smokes cannabis. As a matter of fact, over half of Americans have tried it at least once, and close to 25% of the country uses it regularly.

cbd hemp buds

Special sauce has over 12% CBD on average (Empire Wellness)

Typically, smoking flower refers to buds that are high in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid in the plant, so in other words, it’s the compound that makes you feel “high”. Whether you’re talking about indica or sativa, modern day strains have a THC content ranging from 10% for bottom shelf buds up to 25% (sometimes more) for top-notch product. While THC is definitely awesome, there are times when people want to smoke a bit and relax without getting baked out of their minds… if that’s something you’re looking for, cue the CBD hemp buds.

Smoking Hemp Buds

High-CBD hemp buds looks just like any other flower but they only contains trace amounts of THC – usually 0.3% although that’s not always 100% guaranteed (depending on where you shop). Unknown to many, smoking CBD flower alone is actually very enjoyable. With CBD buds, you can casually relax and enjoy all the benefits CBD has to offer without feeling intoxicated or unable to focus.

Frosted Kush Organic CBD Hemp Buds - 21% CBD

Frosted Kush Organic CBD Hemp Buds – 21% CBD

What are some of these benefits you ask? Well, pretty much anything you would use other CBD products for like chronic paininflammationseizuresanxietymultiple sclerosis, and much more, can all be treated with CBD flowers too. However, when you smoke CBD buds, it works much faster than using supplements or oil. It’s almost instant actually. It’s also less likely to be habit forming compared to your standard THC flowers, and, you don’t have to worry about failing a drug test – especially if you order from a CBD Testers verified company.

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Alexandra Hicks

Managing editor at Cannadelics and U.S based journalist, helping spread the word about the many benefits of using cannabis and psychedelics.