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CBD Vape Liquid vs CBD Oil, What To Choose?

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Written by Alexandra Hicks

Despite the CBD industry’s rapid gain in popularity, it’s still relatively new and there remains a lot of confusion and misinformation surrounding different products, particularly CBD oil and CBD vape liquid.

Many people refer to the CBD they put in a vaporizer as CBD oil, which is completely incorrect. What’s more, it’s not just consumers who are making this terminology error, even companies that sell these products are marketing them incorrectly. Just to clear things up from the gate here, CBD oil is meant to be taken orally and CBD vape liquid is meant to be vaped.

“What happens if I vape CBD oil?”

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If you put regular CBD oil in your vape pen, it will more than likely malfunction. How it will malfunction is anyone’s guess, but when you’re using an electronic device that heats to high temperatures right in front of your face, it’s best that everything be in working order. CBD vape liquid – also referred to as vape juice or E-liquid – is CBD oil mixed with propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycol (VG), which are used to thin out the oil and make it viscid enough to working the heating coils in a vaporizer. It is also often paired with medium chain triglycerides (MCT). MCTs are raidly-digesting fats that occur naturally in various types of oil.

CBD oil is meant to be taken orally, either under the tongue or mixed with food and beverages. There haven’t been any studies yet to determine the risks of vaping CBD oil, if any. But to be on the safe side, it’s best to stick with E-liquid in your vape pen. Keep in mind that a lot of companies are still mixing up the terminology often referring to a product as “CBD vape oil” or something confusing like that. Most likely, its safe to use and they just meant to say CBD vape liquid. But, to be safe, it’s best to check the ingredients before purchasing products that are mislabeled.

Health Concerns

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While consuming CBD oil or vaping CBD liquid on their own is no cause for concern, there is one pertinent issue plaguing the industry: fake or faulty products. When shopping for CBD oil, vape liquid, vape pens, etc., it’s important to by from a reputable source. From mislabeled products to exploding vape pens, there certainly are things you need to be aware of as a consumer. But as long as you make sure to buy products from a dependable company, it’s unlikely to run into any problems using either of these products.

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