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86% of Californians Support Legal Cannabis Markets

86% of Californians Support Legal Cannabis Markets
Written by PsychePen

Despite the legal market’s size, illegal sales remain prevalent, with two-thirds of cannabis sales in 2022 coming from the illicit market.

A recent survey conducted by the California Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) and FM3 Research reveals that a significant majority of Californians, 86%, believe it’s important to purchase cannabis from legal markets. The survey also indicates growing support for Proposition 64 and highlights the need for consumer education on legal cannabis procurement.

California, a pioneer in legalizing medical cannabis in 1996 and later adult-use cannabis in 2016, has developed into the world’s largest cannabis market. The DCC’s Real California Cannabis Campaign, aimed at guiding consumers to licensed dispensaries, commissioned FM3 Research to survey over 1,000 California adults to gauge their attitudes towards the state’s cannabis market. Key findings include:

  • 62% view Proposition 64 positively, suggesting increased support for cannabis reform.
  • 86% of respondents stress the importance of buying cannabis from legal sources.
  • 72% feel consumers should ensure they’re purchasing from licensed retailers.
  • Despite the legal market’s size, illegal sales remain prevalent, with two-thirds of cannabis sales in 2022 coming from the illicit market.
  • The California Unified Cannabis Enforcement Taskforce (UCETF) reported significant seizures in 2023, including over $312 million in illegal cannabis and 119 firearms, showcasing efforts to combat illegal operations.
  • The survey uncovered education gaps, with 85% of respondents in areas where retail cannabis is banned either misinformed or unaware of local cannabis laws.
  • Opinions on identifying licensed retailers were divided, with 44% finding it easy and 42% finding it challenging.

Why It Matters: This survey underscores the growing acceptance of legal cannabis markets among Californians and the critical role of consumer education in supporting legal operations. It highlights the ongoing battle against illicit sales and the importance of regulatory efforts to ensure a safe, legal cannabis market.

Potential Implications: The findings could influence future cannabis policies in California, emphasizing the need for public education campaigns and stricter enforcement against illegal operations. It also suggests a potential shift in consumer behavior towards supporting legal cannabis sources, which could further legitimize and stabilize the legal market.

Source: High Times

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