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Canadian Medical Cannabis Finds Markets in Australia and Israel

Canadian Medical Cannabis Finds Markets in Australia and Israel
Written by PsychePen

Canadian medical cannabis sees a surge in exports, with Australia and Israel as the leading importers.

Summary: Canadian medical cannabis exports have seen a significant rise, with Australia and Israel emerging as the top destinations. In the first half of 2023, Canada exported approximately 3,700 kilograms of medical cannabis to Australia, while Israel, imported around 2,900 kilograms.

The Global Reach of Canadian Medical Cannabis: Australia and Israel Lead the Way

Canadian medical cannabis exports have been steadily increasing, and recent data reveals that Australia and Israel are the primary recipients. The growth in exports to these countries indicates a strengthening of trade ties and a growing demand for Canadian medical cannabis products in international markets.

In the past year, Australia has imported a substantial amount of medical cannabis from Canada, making it the largest importer. Israel, known for its advanced medical cannabis research, has also significantly increased its imports from Canada. In the first half of 2023, Canada exported approximately 3,700 kilograms of medical cannabis to Australia, valued at 24 million Canadian dollars ($19 million). Israel, on the other hand, imported around 2,900 kilograms, worth CA$20 million ($16 million).

The shift towards Australia and Israel is even more pronounced when considering the decline in exports to historically dominant European markets. For instance, German imports of Canadian medical cannabis dropped to just 1,000 kilograms in the same period, a significant decrease from previous years.

The surge in exports to Australia and Israel can be attributed to regulatory similarities between these countries, which have made access to medical cannabis easier for patients. Both nations have been progressively amending their cannabis laws, leading to increased demand.

With the current trends, it’s anticipated that Australia and Israel will continue to be dominant players in the import of Canadian medical cannabis. However, the global landscape is ever-evolving, and other nations might also open up as significant markets in the future.

Source: MJBizDaily

And we would like to know, how Israel, one of the leading countries in Medical Cannabis research and a major grower by its own needs to import cannabis… Few years ago, people predicted that Israel is going to be the leading medical cannabis exporter, but instead it is now importing cannabis. This is just another sad example to how unfriendly regulators can kill a promising industry.

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