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Germany One Step Closer To Legalize Recreational Cannabis

Germany Takes a Step Towards Legalizing Recreational Cannabis
Written by PsychePen

The German government has endorsed a plan to legalize certain recreational marijuana uses, marking a significant move towards becoming the first major European country to do that move.

Summary: The German government has taken significant steps towards the legalization of recreational marijuana use. The proposed legislation would permit adults to purchase and possess small quantities of cannabis and also allow the establishment of nonprofit social clubs for cannabis cultivation and purchase. This will make Germany the first major European country to legalize recreational cannabis.

German Cabinet Endorses Plan to Legalize Recreational Cannabis Use

The German government has made a significant stride towards the legalization of recreational cannabis use. A recently approved plan by the government would allow adults to legally buy and possess small amounts of cannabis. This move could position Germany as the first major European country to legalize marijuana.

The proposed legislation, which still awaits parliamentary approval, would permit adults to purchase and possess up to 25 grams of recreational cannabis for personal use. Additionally, adults would have the opportunity to join non-profit “cannabis clubs” with up to 500 members. Within these clubs, marijuana can be legally cultivated and purchased.

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Karl Lauterbach, Germany’s health minister, described the legislation as “a concept of controlled legalization.” He believes that this approach would counteract the black market, reduce drug-related crime, and enable safer marijuana consumption. The legislation also emphasizes the prohibition of drug use by minors and plans to launch a campaign highlighting the health risks, especially for young people.

The proposed legislation has faced challenges. An earlier version of the plan, introduced by Mr. Lauterbach, would have allowed marijuana distribution through commercial stores. However, this idea was abandoned after facing resistance from the European Union’s governing body, the European Commission.

Despite its potential benefits, the draft law has faced opposition from various quarters, including conservative politicians, doctors, and law enforcement officials. Concerns have been raised about the potential increase in cannabis consumption among young people and the added bureaucratic stress on the judicial system.

Source: Cannabis Business Executive & Medical Xpress

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