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U.S. Voters Back Legalizing Psychedelics for Therapeutic Use

Legalizing Psychedelics Poll
Written by PsychePen

A majority of U.S. voters support legalizing psychedelics for therapeutic use, according to a recent poll, but “Not for people like me”

Summary: A recent poll reveals that a majority of U.S. voters support legalizing psychedelics for therapeutic use. However, many respondents expressed reservations about psychedelics, with a significant number stating that psychedelics are not “something for people like me” or “good for society.”

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Legalizing Psychedelics for Therapeutic Use: U.S. Voters Weigh In

A recent poll has revealed that a majority of registered U.S. voters, 61%, support legalizing psychedelics for therapeutic use. The inaugural University of California, Berkeley Psychedelics Survey also found that 56% of respondents supported obtaining Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for psychedelics by prescription. Furthermore, a significant 78% backed making it easier for researchers to study psychedelic substances.

LSD for depression?

Despite the support for therapeutic use, many respondents expressed reservations about psychedelics. Among the 61% who supported allowing therapeutic use of psychedelics, 63% said psychedelics are not “something for people like me,” and 47% said that psychedelics are not “good for society.” Even among those who agreed with the decriminalization of the substances, 57% said psychedelics were not for them, and 41% said psychedelics were “not good for society.”

The poll also found that 47% of voters have heard something about psychedelics recently, with 48% of those saying that they have heard about psychedelics’ use for mental health treatments. However, awareness and use varied among different racial and political groups. Black people were least likely to have heard something about psychedelics recently (29%) and had a much lower first-degree connection to psychedelics use (26%) than other groups.

Psychedelics are becoming more available

Liberal voters backed legalized therapeutic access to psychedelics by a large margin, 80%, compared to 66% of moderates and 45% of conservatives. The majority of voters polled were comfortable with psychedelic therapy being used to treat those suffering from terminal illnesses (80%), veterans (69%), and people suffering from treatment-resistant depression and anxiety (67%); fewer were comfortable with open access to psychedelic therapy for anyone over the age of 21 (44%), or the use of psychedelic therapy to treat addiction (45%).

[Source: Ganjapreneur]


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