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First Person Jailed Under Hong Kong’s CBD Ban

Hong Kong CBD Ban
Written by PsychePen

Hong Kong jails the first person under its CBD ban. The woman was found with CBD personal care products and was sentenced to two months in prison. The case highlights the severity of Hong Kong’s CBD laws.

Summary: A 32-year-old woman has become the first person to be jailed under Hong Kong’s recent CBD ban. She was found with CBD personal care products and was sentenced to two months in jail. The possession or consumption of CBD in Hong Kong can lead to up to seven years in jail and fines of up to HK$1 million (US$127,000).

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Woman Jailed in Hong Kong Under CBD Ban

In a landmark case, a 32-year-old woman has become the first person to be imprisoned under Hong Kong’s recent ban on cannabidiol (CBD). The woman was found in possession of two bottles of CBD personal care products when clearing customs after traveling from the United States on March 29. She was also found with 2.2g of ketamine and 10 syringes.

Is THCA legal or not?

The woman was sentenced to two months in jail for two counts of drug possession and one count related to the syringes. Hong Kong customs stated that the sentence reflects the severity of the offense and serves as a clear warning to the public.

Hong Kong’s ban on CBD, a non-psychoactive derivative of the cannabis plant, places it in the same legal category as heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine. The possession or consumption of CBD can lead to up to seven years in prison and fines of up to HK$1 million (US$127,000). Import, export, and manufacture of the substance can attract even stiffer penalties.

Hong Kong officials argue that CBD must be banned because it could be converted into the illegal compound THC, the main psychoactive constituent of cannabis. Despite this, CBD remains popular worldwide, with an industry expected to be worth US$47 billion by 2028, up from US$4.9 billion in 2021. It is legal in the United States and parts of Europe, as well as in some Asian nations such as Japan and Thailand.

No, this is NOT for kids…

In the first three months of the ban, Hong Kong (controlled by China) officials seized 852 suspected CBD items and arrested six people. The seized items were mainly skincare products, with an estimated total value of around US$16,600, and most were intercepted upon entering Hong Kong.

[Source: 420 Intel]


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