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Delta Munchies Grape Runtz 2G Dart XL Disposable Vape Pen Product Review

Delta Munchies Grape Runtz
Written by Leah Johnson

What do you get when you cross the renowned Zkittles, Gelato, Grape Ape, and OG Kush strains? If you guessed, “the star of today’s product review”, you’re correct! Grape Runtz (also called Grape Runts) is a beloved hybrid result of all the aforementioned strains combined. It is best enjoyed towards the end of the day, as the calming effects can make the user somewhat drowsy. I’ll be reviewing the Delta Munchies Delta-8 THC rendition of the Grape Runtz strain in their 2G Dart XL Disposable Vape Pen.  

Delta-8 THC has surged in popularity in the last few years and is available in edibles and inhalables. Edibles like gummies, softgels, and tinctures are easy to consume but can take some time for the effects to kick in, and the high itself can last for several hours. Inhalables like vape pens, disposable devices, and pre-rolls have a bit of a learning curve to use properly, which can deter new and experienced users from trying them. Yet with just a bit of patience and practice, users of all levels can enjoy the deeply relaxing effects of this unique product type in mere minutes.

If you’re short on time or impatient to feel the effects of a psychoactive cannabinoid, you’re gonna love the Delta Munchies Grape Runtz 2G Dart XL Disposable Vape Pen! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves; it’s important to know a bit about the brand to better appreciate the product. Without further ado, here’s a brief overview of the Delta Munchies brand! 

A Brief Overview of the Delta Munchies Brand 

The term “munchies” refers to one of the most well-known side effects of consuming cannabis. Stoned users often experience an increased appetite as well as an enhanced sense of taste, making ordinary snacks and meals taste exponentially better, causing them to crave sweet and salty treats. The Delta Munchies brand fully embraces that side effect in their name and delivers a delightful assortment of products in both edible and inhalable form.  

The official Delta Munchies website is beautifully designed with bold graphics and bright colors. Their vast catalog of edibles and inhalables is neatly organized by cannabinoid preference or product type. The brand currently offers three cannabinoids (Delta-8 THC, Farm Bill Compliant Delta-9 THC, and HHC) in gummies, tinctures, and vapes. Every product has been subjected to testing by independent third-party labs, the results of which are conveniently located in the Lab Results tab on the top of the page. I highly recommend you take some time to fully explore the entire site at your convenience, but I’ll be focusing on just the Delta-8 THC Disposable Vape Pens in today’s review. 

Delta Munchies loves variety, which is evident with their disposable vape pens. There are eight different Delta-8 THC options that predominantly feature fruit or candy flavors, either in sativa, indica, or hybrid options. Grape Runtz is an indica-dominant hybrid that advertises a fruity flavor that’s best used before bedtime, but feel free to use whenever you need!

Each vape pen is rechargeable via a microUSB cable (though the cable itself isn’t included in the small box) and includes 2mg of Delta-8 THC oil that can be enjoyed for up to 1000 puffs. The vape pens are regularly priced at $59.99, though there are promotions and bundles that shave off a few bucks for consumers on a budget. But enough about the preliminaries; it’s time for the good stuff! Here’s my thoughts and experiences with using the Delta Munchies Grape Runtz 2G Dart XL Disposable Vape Pen! 

Delta Munchies Grape Runtz 2G Dart XL Disposable Vape Pen Product Review

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect with the flavor of the Grape Runtz 2G Dart XL Disposable Vape Pen. The strain profiles are a mixture between earthy, sweet, floral, and fruity, which seems like a grab-bag of anything and everything. But my curiosity was piqued, and I was eager to see what treasures lay in store. 

The disposable yet rechargeable vape pen came in a stunning royal purple box, complete with comic book fonts and graphics. The box utilizes a unique tamper proof design where a small flap must be depressed in order to release the inner box that houses the vape pen. I removed the device from the box and was surprised to see how lightweight the slim device felt. I noticed there were two windows on the front and back of the device that allowed me to see how much oil remained in the chamber.

The oil itself was completely clear and extremely viscous, refusing to move at all in spite of my shaking and tilting of the device. I also saw a LED circle towards the bottom of the device that glowed white when the device was activated. There were two stickers on both sides of the device that displayed the brand logo on one side and “Delta Munchies” on the other. I wish that at least one of the stickers would have displayed the product name or at least included it on one of the stickers, but this would only be helpful if you have multiple vape pens and want to keep track of which flavor is which. 

I eagerly held the device close to my nostrils and smelled a faintly sweet yet sharp scent that reminded me of expensive perfume. My curiosity surged into overdrive and I tentatively brought the device to take my first hit. My mouth was flooded with a combination of flavors that left me breathless and extremely surprised. The flavor was definitely sweet with a hint of grape, but also included a sharp perfumy flavor mingled with the bitter taste of hemp.

I felt a light urge to cough on the first hit but was able to quell it with little effort. The second hit was a bit easier now that I knew what to expect, but I ended up coughing a few times due to the deeper hit I had taken. The flavor was actually quite enjoyable and I enjoyed taking a third and final draw. I noticed a light pressure in my chest as well as a very light burning sensation in the back of my throat. I took a few sips of water to soothe the minimal discomfort in my throat and chest and made a note of the time. 

Within five minutes, I began to feel something, and after ten minutes I was fully engulfed in the effects. I felt warm and relaxed but not quite sleepy or drowsy. Time seemed to slow down and I  experienced a lovely floaty feeling as the minutes passed. I experienced a delicious tingling in my chest, stomach, face, hands, arms, and legs, a phenomenon known as a body high. My mood became much happier and I found myself giggling at the most random things. I felt calm and comfortable in the warm euphoria and became drowsier as the high progressed.

At no point did I feel uneasy or overwhelmed in the high, nor did I wrestle with raging cottonmouth. I was amused to find that I experienced a light case of the munchies and I thoroughly enjoyed the snacks in my kitchen. I remained clear-headed but the light mental fog was delightful in that I was high but not incapacitated. The effects lasted for a little over an hour, which is when I succumbed to the drowsiness and fell fast asleep. I awoke the next morning with no lingering effects or mental cobwebs that made me feel groggy and sluggish. 


I was extremely pleased with my experiences with the Grape Runtz 2G Dart XL Disposable Vape Pen by Delta Munchies. The flavor was probably the most surprising, as the fruity flavor mingled with a sharp piney flavor was more enjoyable than I expected. I experienced minimal coughing and actually enjoyed taking moderately deep drags from the device. The effects kicked in a bit slower than I anticipated, but the gradual effects were worth the wait. I experienced a combination of both the indica and sativa effects, which was richly euphoric. The drowsiness and light couch lock coupled with an uplifted mood and enhanced sense of humor made the high extremely enjoyable. I enjoyed the high for a little over an hour and appreciated the ease in which I drifted off to sleep. If you’re stuck between choosing a sativa or indica strain, I highly recommend trying the Grape Runtz 2G Dart XL Disposable Vape Pen by Delta Munchies for the best of both worlds! 

While the Grape Runtz rechargeable disposable device marks the last of the inhalable products I’ll be trying from the Delta Munchies, I’m happy to repeat that famous commercial by saying, “But wait! There’s more!” In my next review, I’ll be checking out Strawberry Shortcake Delta-9 THC gummies. This will be the first of the Delta Munchies edibles I’ll be sampling, as well as the first Delta-9 THC product I’ve ever tried. If you’re curious to see how Farm Bill compliant Delta-9 THC gummies compare to traditional marijuana edibles, you’re in luck! Be sure to check back soon for this and other in-depth product reviews from verified cannabis brands throughout the country. Until we meet again! 

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