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Sweet Strawberry HHC Pre-roll (2-pack) by Puro Cannagars

Written by Leah Johnson

Get ready to embrace the warm sunkissed flavor of summer with the enticing product of today’s review: introducing the Sweet Strawberry Pre-rolls from Puro Cannagars! Pre-rolls are a fan favorite for several reasons. The simplicity of lighting and enjoying a puff within a matter of seconds, no time-consuming grinding of flowers and packing into a rolling paper, and best of all, a smooth and comforting high in mere minutes. Pre-rolls are available in a variety of cannabinoids, both psychoactive and non-psychoactive. 

Today’s featured pre-rolls are packed with one of the newer cannabinoids on the market, and it’s one you may already be familiar with: HHC. HHC, short for hexahydrocannabinol, works similarly to Delta-9 THC but offers a smoother and more uplifting high. HHC was created by saturating a THC molecule with hydrogen, similar to how margarine is merely a form of hydrogenated butter. 

Thanks to the more stable molecule structure, HHC is more resilient against air and sunlight exposure, thus offering an extended shelf life. Some users claim to prefer HHC over traditional marijuana, but we’ll leave that decision solely up to you! To help you make a more informed decision on that choice, let’s check out our unique pre-roll that promises a flavor of sweet strawberry in every puff. But first, let’s explore the brand responsible for these pre-rolls: Puro Cannagars. 

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A Closer Look at the Puro Cannagars Brand

When it comes to hemp-infused products, pre-rolls are often left out in the cold. Edibles like sugary gummies and silky tinctures are often the product of choice for consumers, while inhalable products are typically restricted to vape cartridges and disposable vapes. Yet Puro Cannagars decided to make up for lost time by focusing solely on a more advanced user item: psychoactive pre-rolls. 

The name Puro Cannagars seems to have been conceived by combining the words “cannabis” and “cigars” together to create an item I’ve never seen before: Delta-8 cigars. While I’ve seen pre-rolls and hemp flower available from many brands, hemp cigars were a new product type that I was intrigued to learn more about. If you’re not familiar with what this particular product type is, let alone how to use it, I encourage you to scroll down to the bottom of the Puo Cannagar website and check out their FAQs.

Puro Cannagars has since expanded their catalog to include a variety of supplements, joints, and pre-rolls that are infused with either Delta-8 THC or HHC. Feel free to browse their entire lineup of products at your leisure, but I’d like to focus on the HHC pre-rolls. The pre-rolls are sold in packs of two for a mere $11.99. Each pre-roll comes packed with a full gram of HHC, CBD, and THC.

The pre-rolls are available in eight mouthwatering flavors like Juicy Watermelon, Peaches and Cream, and Sour Apple. The product description even goes as far as to list the type of effect you’ll feel when using it as either Uplifting or Relaxing. As an avid lover of fruits, I was extremely curious how these flavors would present in something as smoky and acrid as a pre-roll. If you’re as curious as I was, keep reading to find out how my experience with the Sweet Strawberry Pre-roll really was! 

Puro Cannagar HHC Pre-Roll Product Review

My love for all things sweet and fruity has led me to discover some truly incredible products. Yet as far as pre-rolls go, I’ve been disappointed more often than not to discover that the so-called fruity flavors are more of a faint undertone rather than a detectable flavor. Puro Cannagar’s Sweet Strawberry seemed promising, so I eagerly tore open the resealable pack to see what treasures I would find within. I was absolutely shocked to smell a very distinct scent of strawberries instantly!

Granted, there was a rich hemp scent blended right in, but I could almost taste the summer berries with how rich and authentic the strawberry scent was. For the life of me, I could not figure out how the strawberry scent was emanating so strongly. I scoured the website’s description to see if anything was mentioned, but it was mysteriously absent. My best guess is either the rolling papers are scented or Puro Cannagars infused strawberry essence into the hemp. Regardless of their methods, I spent several minutes just basking in the rich strawberry scent literally flowing from the pouch. Once my strawberry haze had subsided, I proceeded to light the pre-roll and take my first puff. 

It took me two tries to get the pre-roll lit, but the light breeze may have had something to do with this. I noticed a faint strawberry aroma as the pre-roll burned, which again led me to wonder how the berry flavor was infused. I took my first hit and tasted a very nice flavor of strawberry mingled with a mild flavor of hemp and a touch of tobacco. The pre-roll wasn’t overly packed, allowing for a smooth and aerated draw. Each drag I took was light and smooth, which caused me to check several times to ensure the pre-roll was still lit. The pre-roll did end up going out a few times over the course of 15 minutes, which is roughly how long it took to smoke it. The pre-roll ashed very slowly, which was quite the contrast from regular cigarettes. I was reminded of a flavored cigar, which makes sense considering the brand name “cannabis cigars.” 

Once I had finished smoking the entire pre-roll, I noticed that my energy levels were noticeably higher. According to the product description on Puro Cannagar’s website, Sweet Strawberry’s effects are listed as “relaxing,” which was definitely accurate. I noticed a bit of mental fog but was somewhat more focused in my thoughts. My mood definitely felt light and relaxed and I felt myself drift away into a light mental haziness of good spirits. The high lasted for about an hour and I felt calm and comfortable throughout the high. At no point did I feel overwhelmed or uneasy, nor did I notice any uncomfortable dry mouth or sensitivity to touch or temperature. I was thoroughly impressed with my first-ever experience with a fruit-flavored pre-roll and I look forward to trying more from the Puro Cannagar brand!  


Puro Cannagars decided to take their products to the next level by offering a variety of fruit-scented pre-rolls that absolutely blew me away. The rich fruit scent that emanated from the product pouch was incredible and really set the tone for my expectations of the pre-roll. The effects kicked in quickly and I immediately felt my mood and energy levels improve. Aside from the pre-roll going out and the contents not being firmly packed, the Sweet Strawberry Pre-roll by Puro Cannagars was truly an honor to review. I encourage you to check out all the other products in their catalog, especially if you have a penchant for fruity flavors! 

In my next review, I’ll be checking out yet another of the Puro Cannagar HHC pre-rolls, this time their Banana Candy option. Banana is such a unique flavor that has been attempted by many brands, all with varying levels of success. While I’m not quite sure how the flavor will be, I can only hope my experience with this flavor will be as premium as the Sweet Strawberry pre-rolls. Be sure to check back soon for this and other in-depth product reviews featuring cannabinoid-infused products from brands across the country. I look forward to seeing you there! 

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