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Banana Candy HHC Pre-roll (2-pack) by Puro Cannagars

Written by Leah Johnson

You’ll be swinging from the trees with the greatest of ease with just a few puffs from the star or today’s product review: the Banana Candy HHC pre-roll from Puro Cannagars! Often labeled a more advanced user item, pre-rolls offer a quick and easy way to get high without the tediousness of rolling your own joint. Pre-rolls are crafted with either psychoactive or non-psychoactive cannabinoids and frequently feature a blend of several cannabinoids in one. 

The pre-roll I’ll be reviewing in today’s review comes with HHC, but also contains THC (less than 0.3%) and CBD. You may be familiar with the last two, but HHC is one of the newer cannabinoids to grace the market. Hexahydrocannabinol, HHC for short, was created in the 1940s as a legal alternative to marijuana and has been praised for its similarities in potency and overall effects. This fascinating cannabinoid was created by saturating a THC molecule with hydrogen. The hydrogenation process (similar to how butter is hydrogenated to create margarine) stabilizes the THC to be more resilient against heat and sunlight deterioration, thus resulting in an extended shelf life.  

In my last review of the Puro Cannagar pre-rolls, I was delighted with their smooth Sweet Strawberry pre-roll in both the flavor and the effects. With such a pleasant experience from my first product from this brand, I have high hopes (pun intended) for the Banana Candy flavor. Banana is often a difficult flavor to properly recreate, whether it be in sweets or beverages. Puro Cannagars leaves the monkeying around to the primates of the jungle and delivers a unique twist on flavored pre-rolls that you won’t want to miss! Join me as I check out on a flavor that would tempt even Curious George! 

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A Brief Overview of the Puro Cannagars Brand

The Puro Cannagars brand is unique in that they focus on the inhalable product types rather than familiar edibles like gummies, baked goods, and tinctures. Their original product was a “cannabis cigar” which is where they get their name. These innovative Delta-8 THC cigars were a huge hit with smokers looking for a bit of an extra oomph in their smoking sessions, but unless you’re Tony Soprano, not everyone can handle the power that comes with smoking a full cigar.

Puro Cannagars noticed that while the market featured an abundance of vape cartridges, raw flower, and disposable vapes, there was an absence of readily made joints (known as pre-rolls). Thus the lineup of flavored pre-rolls was born! Puro Cannagar offers eight varieties of fruit-flavored pre-rolls that include common fruit flavors like Sweet Strawberry and Juicy Watermelon, as well as exotic fruits like Lychee and Sour Apple. The pre-rolls are sold for $11.99 and come as a two-pack resealable pouch. 

Each pre-roll features a full gram of HHC, THC, and CBD, though the exact quantities of each cannabinoid is not listed. The product description on the company website divides the flavors into two categories: Relaxing or Uplifting. Feel free to browse the full product description at your convenience, but right now it’s time to check out the Banana Candy HHC Pre-roll! 

Puro Cannagars Banana Candy HHC Pre-Roll Product Review

I’ve tried my fair share of banana flavored things, ranging from chewy taffy to creamy smoothies. While nothing beats peeling the golden fruit and enjoying the real thing, many brands have tried their hand at replicating the flavor in a variety of products. Puro Cannagars has decided to toss their hat into the ring with their Banana Candy flavor and I’ll admit, my curiosity was piqued!

I easily tore off the strip of the resealable pouch and immediately fell in love with the warm creamy banana scent that wafted from the open package. My mouth began to water and I couldn’t resist holding the pouch to my nostrils for some deep sniffing. I fished out one of the 3” long pre-rolls and noticed that the banana scent was similar to freshly-baked banana bread, albeit with a touch of hemp. 

When it comes to figuring out the source of the flavored pre-rolls, I have no idea how Puro Cannagars was able to infuse such a rich banana scent into this inhalable. The website’s product description offered no insight on whether the rolling paper was scented or if banana essence was infused into the raw flower. Perhaps their method is a trade secret and helps Puro Cannagars stand out in a market with traditional strains that aren’t available in fruit flavors.

Whatever method they use is quite effective, as the rich banana scent was absolutely delicious to inhale. I shook myself out of my banana craze and grabbed my lighter to see if the banana scent was as noticeable in the inhale. 

Despite a gentle breeze outside, I was able to light the pre-roll on my first try and brought the pre-roll to my lips. I was delighted to instantly taste ripe bananas on the first hit as well as a touch of menthol. For my Caribbean readers, the flavor strongly reminded me of banana soda (Solo) from Trinidad. The hit itself was very smooth and aerated, no doubt due to the light packing of the pre-roll.

The drag was very light, to the point where I was fooled into thinking the pre-roll had gone out and I’d have to relight it. Yet when I checked, the end was still smoldering and glowed red when I took additional hits. There was a bit of a tobacco burn in the back of my throat and I found myself occasionally coughing due to the acrid smoke. 

It took me about 15 minutes to fully smoke the pre-roll and I noticed the effects started to kick in about ten minutes after my initial hit. The Banana Candy pre-roll is listed under the Relaxing category, and this classification was spot-on. I felt warm and comfortable with a calming aura all around. I noticed that my mood had improved and a sense of peace wash over my mind.

I felt my energy levels increase and I felt motivated to do simple tasks that I’d been procrastinating on completing. I didn’t feel any drowsiness or heavy weighted feeling, nor did I experience any body tingling or sensitivity to touch. It was more of a mental thing rather than a body experience, but still incredibly calming and relaxing. These effects remained for about an hour or so, and the high slowly ebbed away until I fell asleep. 


I was quite surprised with how much I enjoyed Puro Cannagar’s Banana Candy Pre-roll, especially since banana flavors are often a hit or miss. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, but I was honored to be able to try and review such a fascinating product. The banana flavor was smooth and authentic, both in the scent and the actual taste.

The effects were smooth and kicked in quickly, and I was noticeably calmer once I had finished smoking the entire pre-roll. I never even knew flavored pre-rolls existed, but thanks to Puro Cannagar, now I can truly praise their efforts and recommend them wholeheartedly. I realize that smokable hemp isn’t for every user, but if you enjoy lighting up every now and then, I highly encourage you to check out Puro Cannagar’s entire catalog.

In my next product review, I’ll be reviewing the third and final product from the Puro Cannagar line, this time the Melona pre-roll. I have thoroughly enjoyed both the Sweet Strawberry and Banana Candy flavors, and I’m excited to see how this melon-inspired product will compare. Check back soon for this and more full-blown product reviews of cannabinoid-infused products available from retailers throughout the country. Until we meet again!

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