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Product Review: Citrus Melon Comet THC-O Gummies from Galaxy Treats

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Written by Leah Johnson

Enjoy the powerfully heady high from THC-O with a little burst of fruity goodness, thanks to these soft and chewy Citrus Melon Comet THC-O Gummies from Galaxy Treats! I’ve had the absolute pleasure of reviewing two of Galaxy Treats’ products, both exceptional disposables called Blast Bars, in previous articles. Today I’ll be tackling these gummies for the first time and I’m delighted to share my experiences with you today. THC-O is a fully synthetic cannabinoid, meaning it is not found naturally in the hemp plant. It is actually created in a lab from Delta-8 THC that has been carefully extracted from federally legal hemp. Some users are a bit skeptical to try a fully synthetic cannabinoid, which is why I will be as thorough as possible to help quell your fears about trying this particular product.

I’ll start off by briefly mentioning the Galaxy Treats brand and then I’ll jump right into a full-blown review. Hold on to your spaceship steering wheel and brace for a trip through the galaxy as you enjoy a deliciously heady high that will take you to infinity and beyond! 

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The Galaxy Treats Brand 

If you have a penchant for something soft and chewy with an exquisite fruit flavor, Galaxy Treats has got you covered! Their delicious gummies (called Moon Babies) come infused with HHC, Delta-8 THC, Delta-9 THC, and of course, THC-O. As a product that is often a go-to for new and inexperienced users, Galaxy Treats offers two unique flavors in both a full-size 20-count jar or a sample size 2-pack: Planetary Peachberry and Citrus Melon Comet. Their full-size jar is sold for $34.99 while their sample size is sold for $4.99. There are a few bundle options scattered across the site, but other than a 15% discount offered for signing up for the site’s newsletter, there aren’t many other options to save. I’ve seen other sites that offer discounts for multiple purchases or subscription services, but Galaxy Treats seems to be content with their already-low prices. 

Galaxy Treats’ THC-O gummies come infused with 25mg per piece and are subjected to rigorous testing by third-party independent labs. The results of these tests are readily available in their Lab Results tab located at the bottom of the page. If you’re looking for information directly related to the gummies, the product page contains the amount of THC-O in each piece/package, offers a full ingredients list, necessary warnings and disclaimers, and customer reviews. There’s nothing on the site that says this, but it’s important to keep these gummies away from direct heat or sunlight exposure, as this can melt the gummies into one sticky blob. Since THC-O is reported to be one of the strongest cannabinoids, try starting off with a half a gummy and see how you feel. If the effects aren’t as intense as you would like, feel free to spring for a full gummy. Speaking of effects, it’s time to relay my experiences with the Citrus Melon Comet THC-O Gummies from Galaxy Treats!

Citrus Melon Comet THC-O Gummies Product Review

The THC-O gummies came packed in a small clear plastic jar with a white childproof cap. After applying some pressure to the top and screwing the cap open, my nostrils were immediately treated to the warm and sweet scent of the gummies. The small cubes were a lovely honeydew melon green and were dusted in large sugar crystals. I fished a single cube from the jar and noted that the texture was soft and pliable between my fingertips. Once I had finished inspecting the treat, I popped it in my mouth and began to chew. I was absolutely blown away by the rich melon sweetness that washed over my taste buds.

The flavor tasted so familiar but I couldn’t quite place it, but the best I can equate it to is a green jelly bean with a hint of citrus-y tartness. The flavor was absolutely incredible, with a very authentic taste that left no bitter aftertaste or lingering hemp flavor. In fact, the citrus melon flavor masked any hemp flavor at all! There were some small particles of the gummy that got stuck in my teeth, but with a delicious flavor like that, I didn’t mind this at all. I did not notice any coating left on my teeth or tongue and was truly sorry when the flavor finally faded into nothingness. I made a quick mental note of the time and began to busy myself with light tasks to await the effects.  

Now I’ve had the pleasure of trying THC-O before but only via inhalables, meaning this was my first experience with THC-O gummies. I was expecting the effects to kick in after about an hour or so, but I began to feel the effects after a mere thirty minutes. It was more of a slight disorientation and droopy eyelids, but I definitely felt the effects intensify after about 45 minutes. Time seemed to slow down and I felt a warm wave of relaxation wash over me and settle upon me like a weighted blanket. My hands, face (particularly my nose), stomach, and feet were tingling very pleasantly (known as a body high) and I noted that I also had an enhanced sense of taste and touch. My sense of humor increased as well and I found myself more easily amused to the point of dissolving into fits of giggles. 

I did experience some light dry mouth as well as some minor dizziness, but a tall glass of cold water did wonders to help with these side effects. As the high progressed, I grew increasingly more drowsy and experienced minor nausea and brief paranoia, but was able to successfully quell both of these side effects.  I had a very strong sense of couch lock after about two hours but managed to make my way to bed before I fell asleep completely. I slept marvelously and awoke feeling refreshed and well-rested. I did not experience any lingering effects and was able to start my day without battling any “hangover high,” as I like to call it. In fact, I look forward to trying these gummies again soon in the very near future!  

Closing Remarks

The Citrus Melon Comet THC-O Gummies from Galaxy Treats were the first THC-O gummies that I’d tried, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Yet my experiences with these gummies were incredible and I am once again impressed with the dedication to quality and excellence from the Galaxy Treats Brand.  The soft and chewy sweets blew me away with both their delicious flavor and their powerful effects.The citrus melon flavor was warm and sweet and left no detectable flavor of hemp.

The effects kicked in much faster than I expected and lasted for several hours. While I did experience quite an intense high, the effects were gone by the time I woke up the next day. If you’re looking to start your journey into the world of THC-O but aren’t sure where to begin, these tasty treats are for you! I realize that my high may differ from yours, but I’ve tried to be as descriptive as possible with my experience to help other interested consumers know what to expect. I strongly encourage you to check out all that Galaxy Treats has to offer and to share your experiences with us in the comments below.

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