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High Thoughts: Why do you Get Higher When you Wake and Bake?

wake and bake
Written by Joseph Mcqueen

The thoughts that arise when you’re high are some of the most original and inquisitive thoughts you’ll ever have. The kind of thoughts that unravel the meanings of the universe. The kind of thoughts that Stephen Hawking and Galileo would be proud of. The kind of thoughts that people have spent years trying to solve.

Well, whilst some high thoughts are a little less complex than others, they definitely deserve attention. So what high thought will we be delving into today? Well, whilst it may not be the most academic of thoughts, it’s still one that boggles the mind: why do you get higher when you wake and bake? It’s a phenomenon that few truly understand, but today we’re going to be giving a fully fleshed answer. Welcome to your high thoughts. 

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What are High Thoughts?

In our previous article we looked into a common high thought: can I overdose on cannabis? This type of high thought usually stems from an anxiety or fear of cannabis, or perhaps just a general inquisition. The thoughts that come from when you’re high are different to the types of thoughts you get any other time. In its nature, cannabis triggers and awakens the mind. In rastafarian culture, they use cannabis in religious ceremonies for this exact reason. The BBC writes:

“Marijuana is used by Rastafarians to heighten feelings of community and to produce visions of a religious and calming nature. Rastafarians are unlikely to refer to the substance as marijuana; they usually describe it as the wisdom weed or the holy herb.”

This is a great example as to why high thoughts can be so useful and worth answering. In normal life, many people take knowledge for granted or leave questions unanswered. Imagine a child putting their hand up at school and asking their teacher a question that isn’t included in the syllabus, often the teacher may give the child detention or tell them to focus on their work. It’s these out-of-the-box thoughts that have allowed humanity to progress as much as we have, and they should not be quelled. High thoughts are a great opportunity to allow your mind to explore the simple and the complex. Being interested in the world around you is a key sign of being alive. 

What is a Wake and Bake?

So, today’s high thought is all based around the concept of the well-known wake and bake phenomena. Can it really be described as a phenomenon? Well, the magic behind it ensures that It certainly can. 

Waking and baking is the activity of consuming cannabis almost instantly upon waking up. This can be through smoking it, bonging it, vaping it, or digesting it through an edible. The belief is that this session will be the best session of the day because it gets you especially high. And, according to many studies, it most certainly is. But why is this? Why do you get higher when you wake and bake? Just as a coffee in the morning wakes you up, a wake and bake session will also give you a special kind of buzz. It’s a very popular activity. High Times writes the amount of people in the US who wake and back:

“According to a 2017 Global Drug Survey, nearly 22 percent of the pot smokers in the United States”

Some may argue that everything feels better in the morning. Sex, coffee and cigarettes are all things that people enjoy in the early hours of the day. So why has wake and bake been given this special name and special attention? 

Why do People Wake and Bake?

Waking and baking has gained a reputation for its amazingly special effects, but there are many specific reasons why people decide to take part in this cannabis ritual. Everyone is different, but let’s delve into some of the main ones.

Amazing High

There are many reasons why people decide to wake and bake. The first, and most obvious reason, is that you can get higher in the mornings from cannabis. The body is more sensitive in the morning and therefore any substance will hit harder than usual. People prefer to start their days with this magnificent high as it gives them a well-needed boost. If you’re someone who suffers from anxiety, this is especially useful to get through the beginning of a day. EMJAY writes:

“By stimulating your appetite, encouraging creativity, and promoting relaxation, it’s easy to get your day off to a perfect start. If waking and baking encourage you to become a more productive early riser, go for it.”


It’s not only the high that people like, but also the pleasures that that high can bring. As EMJAY said, cannabis will encourage your appetite. Some people find it difficult or even sickly to eat food early in the morning, when actually breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A good breakfast can be the making of a wonderful day. Therefore, a wake and bake can help you find your appetite for that meal. In addition, cannabis not only makes you want to eat more, but it also causes you to enjoy your meal more. The enhanced senses will trigger a thorough enjoyment of all the flavours of your breakfast. If that’s what it does to your breakfast, then imagine what it might do to the rest of your day. 


Starting a day on a positive note is crucial. With the 5 day week that many people around the globe adhere to, anything that helps the day run smoothly is much searched for. Waking and baking can give a buzz and enjoyment to many parts of the day that might usually feel stressful or bland. If the right strain of cannabis is chosen, it can also help with focus. Of course, the type of cannabis you consume is key. Lots of skunky cannabis isn’t necessarily going to help push you out of bed in the right headspace. In fact, that could actually be the cause of a bad day. However, if the research is done, and the individual knows the type of cannabis that works for them, a good old wake and bake can give a smile to the beginning of the day.

Why Do You Get Higher?

So, if you’re sitting there enjoying some beloved cannabis, maybe you’re even in the middle of a wake and bake, you might be wondering in your high thoughts: why does this get me higher than usual sessions? Well, there’s two main reasons why this could be the case. Perhaps it’s a combination of both. 

Morning & THC

There’s a scientific reason why the body feels more delicate and fragile in the morning. And there’s also a reason why coffee, nicotine and cannabis can feel more potent in the morning too. One perfectly valid reason is that, chances are, you won’t have digested or drunk anything in a while. During sleep, on average, you won’t have drunk or eaten anything for around 7-9 hours. Therefore, the first thing you consume after sleeping will feel extra heightened. The cannabis will be one of the only substances in the body at this time. High Times writes:

“When smoking marijuana first thing in the morning, the THC is hitting a drained body. It is similar to how coffee reacts differently in people who drink it in the morning, as opposed to later in the day. In the morning, the body has been without nutrients for several hours. This makes THC appear more potent.”

If you’re consuming cannabis at the end of the day or in the middle of the day, you’ll have already consumed other substances before it. Therefore, the effects won’t be as potent. 


Another potential reason is that it actually doesn’t get you higher. Perhaps you only think it does. Placebos can be one of the most powerful medical occurrences. Very Well Mind writes:

“If you’re regularly given the same arthritis pill to relieve stiff, sore joints, you may begin to associate that pill with pain relief. If you’re given a placebo that looks similar to your arthritis pill, you may still believe it provides pain relief because you’ve been conditioned to do so.”

If enough people speak about and advertise the wake and bake phenomena, then perhaps when you actually do it you’ll expect the exaggerated potency. Therefore, the psychology of the brain will exaggerate the effects. This is simply because it’s what you expect from what other people have said and reported.


High thoughts should not be quelled or shut down, they should be answered and explored. Why does a wake and bake session get you higher than normal? Well, the science seems to suggest that the THC hits the body harder because of the lack of other substances in the body. But the extreme effects probably do become heightened due to placebo effects. Ultimately, it’s a combination of both. Don’t stop having your high thoughts, don’t stop asking questions.

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