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Don’t Miss The World CBD Awards In Barcelona This July

world cbd awards
Written by Alexandra Hicks

The third annual, World CBD Awards are taking place in Barcelona, Spain, from July 12th to 15th, 2022. This is a unique, black-tie event focused on highlighting the very best CBD products on the market today! In total, 19 award categories – including best vape, top product safety, most loved brand, best topical and more – will be presented by a panel of industry experts. Scroll down to learn more about the event and for an exclusive discount on tickets!  

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About The World CBD Awards 

The World CBD Awards is an annual event focused on highlighting some of the best CBD/hemp products, services, and brands in the industry. They look at safety, compliance, effectiveness, and overall consumer satisfaction to decide. According to their website, the theme of the 2022 awards event will be “we can do better”, and the objective is to bring together as many global industry leaders as possible.  

There will be 19 award nomination categories to vote on: best device, best CBD isolate tincture, best CBD extract tincture, best CBD edible, best clinically studied product, best CBD topical, best cosmetic product, best CBD vape, best pet range, best CBD flower, best CBD beverage, packaging company, best CBD sexual wellness product, best magazine, best book, best social media campaign, most charitable CBD company, most innovative product, best international retailer, best international distributor, best European retailer, best European distributor, best CBD influencer, best raw material supplier, best CBD white label brand, most loved CBD brand, best hemp flower, bet industry newcomer, best international payment merchant, best European payment merchant, and best CBD laboratory. 

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The organizers of the World CBD Awards pride themselves on the due diligence they undergo during the screening process. They have a detailed scoring structure and point system that allows for extremely accurate awarding. As they say, their goal is to “recognize & reward those who go the ‘extra mile’ making the industry a safe & respected marketplace; showing they operate with integrity, transparency & ethical business practices.” 

When and Where

The World CBD Awards will be taking place this summer, from July 12-15 in Barcelona, Spain. The event will take place at the city’s well-known convention center, Palau de Congressos. In addition to being in the heart of the beautiful city of Barcelona, the event is situated close to many prime tourist locations including the historic Gothic district, numerous live music venues and museums, and the beach.  

There are a few different ticket options to choose from. The best value is the 4-day ticket that includes a full day B2B expo on the 12th, conference and network and the 13th, the formal Gala and awards ceremony, as well as the after party on the 14th, and finally, a day of meetings and networking to end things on the 15th. 

To get your tickets, CLICK HERE, and use the coupon code “CBDTesters20” to get 20% off the total price. Happy travels and we look forward to seeing some of you guys at the event!

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