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DIY: Smoking Up in The Wild

smoking wild
Written by Sarah Friedman

Maybe you’re out on the beach, or trekking through the woods, or climbing on some mountainous terrain. Maybe you forgot to bring a pipe for a smoke break out in nature. Well, luckily, nature provides us some interesting ways of getting high on the fly. Check out these tips and tricks for smoking up in the wild.

Smoking up in the wild is easy to do in many places, even if you forgot to bring your pipe. Check out these super green ways to get your smoke-on in nature. This independent publication specializes in reporting for the growing cannabis and psychedelics spaces. Keep up with everything by signing up for the THC Weekly Newsletter, which is also good for deals on items like vapes, edibles, and a range of smoking paraphernalia. We also have some standout offers on cannabinoid products like HHC-O, Delta 8, Delta 9 THC, Delta-10 THC, THCO, THCV, THCP, and HHC. We remind customers that we never promote anyone buy a product they are uncomfortable with using.

Smoking up in the wild

There are a lot of reasons you might end up far away from the comforts of home, roughing it in nature. Whether it’s a hiking trip, beach adventure, climbing experience, forest trek, or whatever else, nature is great, and its great to be out in it. What’s even better than simply being out in it, though, is getting high in it. There’s just something about smoking up in the great outdoors, which brings a sense of peace.

Unfortunately, when packing your bag for your outdoors escapade, it’s possible to forget some items. Some things are way more important to remember. I mean, you really don’t want to forget your water or food supplies, or necessary cooking equipment. In fact, there are so many super important things to remember, that its not surprising other minor add-ons often get forgotten.

So maybe you’ve gotten to where you want to go. Maybe you set up your tent, or spread out your beach towel, or reached the highest that you’ll climb for today. Maybe it’s time to take out the pipe and celebrate the beauty around, and the peacefulness of the world at rest. Maybe you just want to take a little toke. And maybe its right then that you realize, that you completely forgot your pipe. You’ve got a lighter, sure, and you’ve got the weed, but nothing comfy to smoke it out of.

natural pipes

Well just your luck, mother nature is good at providing us some pretty cool ways of smoking up in the wild. Some are more direct smoking options, and some are the raw materials that are quickly made into a smoking device. For almost anywhere you go, there’s a way to turn nature into a pipe, and smoke your smoke heart. Thank you, nature.

Smoking up in the wild – beach style

If you’re a beach rat, you probably don’t care if it’s a busy beach or a practically empty one. You might not mind if the sand is super soft, or a bit gravelly, and you’ll probably be happy with the assortment of rocks and shells on the beach. If you’re a beach rat who likes to get stoned, you might take particular interest in the shells that line the beach.

If you’re on a beach, and you suddenly realize you forgot your pipe, no worries, you’ve got pipes you can use all around. This doesn’t go for all beaches, but it certainly goes for a lot of them. The standard seashell. Really, there isn’t a standard, but a variety of different shells that end up on beaches. Though they can’t all be used as a de facto smoking device, many can. So long as the shell has a hole on one side, separated in some way from an opening where weed can be put, you’ve got yourself a pipe.

Think of a conch, the home of a sea snail. They come in small and large sizes, and they’re defined by their spiral twist, with a small hole at one end, and a fanning out at the other. Just put your weed in the fanned out part and suck in through the hole. Voila, you’ve got yourself an instant pipe. You can do this with any shell on the beach so long as this general design exists. In fact, figuring out which shells make the best pipes, is certainly an interesting beach time activity. I dare you to try!

Some point out that smoking out of shells can increase the risk of ingesting calcium carbonate, which breaks down into carbon dioxide and calcium oxide in the presence of heat. These can cause issues to the respiratory tract. However, as this smoking remedy is meant for when a better piece of equipment isn’t available, it’s probably not the method you’d use at other times. Taking a seashell smoke here and there should be quite fine. And in reality, the whole idea of lighting something on fire and breathing in, is dangerous already, so getting all nitpicky about a few tokes from a shell, is probably not necessary.

Smoking up in the wild – ground style

Truth is, so long as the ground is of the right general density, you can use the ground you walk on for smoking up in the wild. It’s actually pretty simple, and in the event that nothing else is available, why not use the very dirt that creates the world we live in, to get high?

smoking up in the wild

So here’s what you do if you find yourself in a nice camping spot, but with no pipe in site for your ganja. Find a spot where the ground is moist, but not more than that. If you’re anywhere near water, this shouldn’t be hard to find, and you can make yourself a patch of ground with the right consistency if necessary. Then you must do a bit of work, but not too much, I promise.

Dig a couple holes about a foot apart, and connect them under the ground to create a tunnel. Put a bottle with the bottom removed down the hole at one end of this tunnel. This is the mouthpiece. Put a bowl in the other hole at the other end of the tunnel. Make sure both the mouthpiece and bowl are airtight in the dirt, you can pack soil around them to ensure this. Then light up the bowl end, and take a deep breath through the mouthpiece end. If your holes are far enough apart, have someone else light up the grass for you.

It doesn’t get more natural than that! And if you want to get even more nature-y, you can replace the bottle with a hollowed out branch, and use a magnifying glass to spark the weed if the sun is out. Plus, since dirt is absorbent of chemicals, the dirt walls of the pipe act as somewhat of a filter for the smoke going through. If you want to put a bit more work in, you can make a third hole that connects to this tunnel, and use it as a carb.

Smoking up in the wild – fruit style

Depending on where you are in the wild, you might encounter some vegetation in the form of fruits and vegetables. Obviously, fruits and vegetables vary a lot in their shapes and consistencies, and only some are right for suitable pipe-making. But find the right fruit, and you can sure make yourself a nice, tasty smoking apparatus.

Apples are very popular for this, as they’re stiff, and can be cut through without squirting out. Plus, they’re nice and sweet, which improves the whole smoking experience. How you do it with an apple is the same general process for making a bong with any other applicable fruits and vegetables, although you do have to consider the consistency and wateriness of the inside.

Making an apple pipe is as easy as making a few cuts into the apple. Start by cutting out the core, and making a hole down to the center. This hole connects with a second hole made into the side of the apple, which goes anywhere lower than a right angle. The side hole is the mouthpiece. Then all you have to do is stick weed in top, light it, and suck in through the hole on the side.

smoking apple bong

This is stepped up a notch to add in a carb hole. Opposite the mouthhole, carve another hole from the opposite side which meets up in the middle with the other two holes. This hole is then covered or not to act as the carb when smoking.

This same setup is achieved with fruits like melons which have thick skins, or even oranges, though you’ll want to make sure you’re not working with something too soft and juicy. Even a stiff tomato is usable for this, or potatoes, beets, coconuts, pears, pineapple, avocados, and cucumbers too, though this greatly changes the shape. Technically the whole pipe can be made on one end of something like a cucumber, or conversely, the smoking path can be very long, with the bowl at the top, and the mouthpiece and carb at the bottom.

There are so many different fruits and vegetables that are possible candidates for last-minute nature pipes, that in nearly any climate there should be some pipe-ready material growing close by. And as long as its edible to begin with, there’s no problem turning any workable produce, into a super-handy nature pipe.


Luckily, there truly are ways to make a bong out of nearly anything. With these things in mind, getting caught in nature without your pipe isn’t as scary a prospect. The world around provides us the cannabis we smoke, so why not provide us with the pipe to smoke it out of too?!

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