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What Are Some of the Weirdest Things You Can Smoke Out Of?

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Written by Joseph Mcqueen

The creativity that surrounds the consumption of cannabis is astounding. Whilst some people are happy to simply roll up their bud in a joint or place it in a vaporizer, other people want more. Perhaps if cannabis had been legalized around the world earlier, then people wouldn’t have found so much joy in new and exciting ways to enjoy it. However, alas, it’s considered to be an illegal drug in many places and, in consequence, some people smoke it through kiwis. Perhaps it’s seen as a – sort of – middle finger to the anti-drug establishment.

After extensive research, today we’ll be revealing the top weirdest objects that you can, technically, smoke cannabis out of. Some of these might be better left as funny stories, rather than trying them out at home yourself. However, a few, perhaps, could be fun and enjoyable to try. 

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The Art of Cannabis Consumption

There was a time when cannabis was just a plant, and it was used sporadically recreationally and for materials. A time when the official modern cannabis industry did not exist. The worth of the market was a thing of the future. Prohibition Partners writes:

“Global Cannabis Sales Hit $37.4 Billion In 2021 – Rising To $102 Billion By 2026”

Back then, it’s likely that cannabis would have been consumed in a variety of creative ways. It was a time before the popularity of joints and vapes. A time when the Ancient Egyptians would place hemp seeds on hot rocks, to heat them, in order to inhale them. Creativity had to be used in order to enjoy this beautiful plant. Ganjapreneur writes:

“As the centuries progressed, people stayed smoking out of pipes and adding cannabis to their foods, beverages, and incenses. In the 1800s, however, something new was introduced to the cannabis scene: joints.”

Whilst the future of technology and globalization has made cannabis easily consumable in certain ways, that’s not to say that the art and creativity of consumption has gone. Whilst joints and vapes are all well and good, some people still like to try new and weird things. Therefore, let’s get creative and take a step back into the past. What other strange and unorthodox methods are there of consuming cannabis?

Top 7 Weird Things To Smoke Out Of

1 – Petals

Using a petal from a flower to smoke cannabis out-of might sound ridiculous, but actually it’s simple. A joint is simply a way to consume cannabis by placing buds into easily burnable paper and inhaling. In reality, it isn’t that odd to consider using a petal instead of normal papers. Petals are easy to burn, and some people even use them as incense. Placing cannabis buds in a petal, placing in a roach, rolling it up and smoking it works a charm. A petal joint might sound unorthodox but if you run out of papers, why not? It might taste a little more aromatic than usual. 

2 – Soda Can

Another peculiar object to smoke cannabis out-of is a soda can. This can be anything from a coca cola can to a beer can – essentially any aluminium can. Like any bong, you need a mouthpiece, a place to put the cannabis, and a main body of the contraption. With a can, the mouthpiece is made obviously in the design. And the body, where the smoke can build up, is also where the liquid would usually go. So all you need is a hole for the cannabis, and a hole to cover up. Using something sharp, simply poke two holes through the can and use one to cover up with your finger, and the other two place the cannabis. Then, light the buds and inhale. It’s easy. 

3 – Apple

Another simple enough object to smoke out of is an apple. This one takes a little more craftsmanship than a soda can, and also a lot more patience. However, if it goes right, you’ll have a very tasty bong on your hands. But don’t try to use it after 1 day, it rots easily. Carve 2 holes through the side of the apple and into the core. This will be your inhale hole and your other hole. Then, use a small pin to poke a hole through the top of the apple to meet these bigger holes. This is where you cannabis buds will sit. Now, place the buds on top and light them, whilst of course inhaling and covering the other hole with your finger. Then, remove the finger from the hole and inhale the built up smoke. If all goes to plan, you’ll have some tasty, apple-flavoured cannabis smoke. 

4 – Pineapple

A pineapple bong is a much larger operation than other fruit-based bongs. Plus, it’s a lot of work to put in for something that will rot and be unusable in mere hours. However, if you’re feeling creative and you have time on your hands, then why not? The first thing to do is to chop off the top of the pineapple and carv it out. You can keep the head of the pineapple for later. Once you’ve done this, you cut a hole into one side of the pineapple base, this is where you will be able to poke your joint into. Then fill up the pineapple with water and place a straw in the base, so it sticks out of the top. Now, place the top back on top of the pineapple, ensuring that the straw still sticks out. Then, ensuring the straw isn’t touching the water, begin to inhale. Boom. There’s some delicious pineapple express for you. 

5 – Nose Tubes

Nose tubes are an odd thing to smoke out of, but they do have some level of usefulness. The idea for this is that you take a hit of a bong, vape or joint and then hold it in your mouth. Then, you place the nose tubes into your nose, and inhale into the other side of the tubes. This will create a sort of cannabis smoke cycle. The smoke will go out of your mouth and into the tube, passing into your nose, and then back out of your mouth again. This cycle will get you very high, as you’ll be utilizing all of the cannabis hits. Although, when comparing to the other options, we probably wouldn’t recommend this one. This method of smoking could be a first class ticket to whitey town. 

Imagine you’re wanting to smoke cannabis but you literally only have some buds and a lighter – nothing else. You don’t have papers, you don’t have a vape, you don’t have other objects, you just have your bare hands. Well, luckily for you, people somehow use their hands to smoke cannabis. Yep. What? It might sound insane but it’s actually just as logical as other smoking methods. However, it might hurt a bit. Simply place a mountain of cannabis buds in your hand and create a vacuum with both hands that is tight enough so little air can get out. But big enough so that you can light the cannabis. Then, light the cannabis and breathe in through a hole in your hand-made bong. It might not be the best hit you’ve ever had, but it’s probably better than nothing…maybe?

6 – Your Hand


Smoking is an art form and it should be treated as such. Just because the cannabis industry is dominated by glass bongs, electric vapes and smoking accessories, doesn’t mean people should stop being creative. Historic creativity is what made cannabis what it is today. Therefore, if you’re interested in trying something different, then why not attempt smoking out of one of these unorthodox objects? Whilst a few may seem random, pointless and perhaps painful, a couple of them are definitely worth an attempt. 

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