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Bong Water Flavors for Tasty Smoking

flavored bong
Written by Sarah Friedman

Different parts of the world operate differently with their own trends, but some things seem to remain relatively constant across cultures. While joint smoking is hands down the most popular way to smoke that I’ve seen anywhere, bongs have always been a close second, even more than vaping. So what’s one way to improve the overall bong experience? Bong water flavors! Good for making each bong hit a truly tasty experience.

Bong water flavors are the perfect way to keep your bong tasting fresh and delicious. Check out options in stores, or go through your kitchen to find the best ingredients for a DIY job. We’re here to deliver the top cannabis news of today. Subscribe to THC Weekly Newsletter for tons more stories like this one. Plus, gain access to exclusive deals on flowers, vapes, edibles, and much more, along with premiere offers on cannabinoids, like HHC-O, Delta 8Delta 9 THCDelta-10 THCTHCOTHCVTHCP HHC, which will save you lots of $$. You can find them in our “Best-of” lists!

A bit on bongs

Fist off, a ‘bong’ is a form of ‘waterpipe’, which is a smoking device that uses water to filter the smoke. Waterpipes have a chamber that can be made air tight when the user puts their mouth to the mouthpiece. This chamber needs a stem which leads to a bowl where an herb can be burned (or vaporized if using a dab), with the other opening leading to the mouthpiece.

Many bongs have a third opening which goes by many names including: ‘carb’, ‘choke’, and ‘hole’, which is used to clear the built-up smoke in the chamber. The hole must be blocked (usually with a finger) while lighting the herbs and inhaling the smoke. Much of the smoke gets inhaled, while much goes to this chamber. The chamber can then be cleared by taking the finger off the carb, and inhaling the built-up smoke. If a bong doesn’t have a carb, it usually has a removable bowl which can be taken off the stem, and which then functions the same way. Generally any cheap homemade bong will use this method, with super cheaply made bongs having neither.

A ’waterpipe’ can denote several different styles of smoking devices. There’s the standard bong design of today with a chamber leading up to a cylindrical tube and opening, sometimes going three-feet high. There are ‘dabs’ which actually vaporize, though the concentrate used for them is indeed lit on fire. There are ‘hookahs’ which can be seen throughout the Middle East, and which incorporate tubes to suck the air through and which use a form of tobacco; and ‘bubblers’ which are like little handheld bongs that look more like pipes, but with a water chamber.


Bong water

Bong water serves a very specific purpose. First, it cools the very hot air produced by the combustion of the cannabis so that it’s more comfortable to breathe in, and way less harsh than a standard pipe or joint. Second, the water filters the smoke by trapping the heavier particles within in when the air goes through, keeping them out of the user’s lungs. Prior to vapes coming out, this filtration made bongs the healthiest way to smoke.

The classic bong ‘gurgle’ sound happens when the air is sucked through the water with the carb held closed (if one exists). Bongs are known for creating very big hits, that hit very hard, making users very high off of just one hit.

As you can imagine, constantly sucking gritty smoke through water, can make the water pretty dirty. And if you’re a bong smoker, you know that not only does the water look dirty after only a couple hits, but it starts to smell very bad too. Every bong smoker knows the trials and tribulations of a knocked over bong and split bong water, and the smell that seems to never go away. And just as it smells pretty bad pretty fast, it starts to taste pretty bad as well. As most people don’t change the water every other hit, it suffices to say that something to improve the taste can make for a much happier smoking experience.

Bong water flavors

Bong water flavors are exactly what they sound like. Something to put into the bong water to make your bong hits taste good. This goes for when using nice, newly-changed bongwater, as well as for keeping the bong smokable after many hits have been taken, and the water has been clogged up with ash.

Bong water flavors are simply liquid flavoring concoctions that are meant to be mixed with water for use in your bong. Sometimes the instructions say to mix with a certain amount of water first (to get the right concentration) before putting whatever is necessary in the water compartment. One brand Original Bong Water Flavours puts out bong water flavors ($9.99) like Blueberry, Apple Kiwi, Peach, and Watermelon among others. All flavorings use natural and artificial flavors, are non-toxic, and stipulated to not be for internal consumption.

Some companies provide flavor drops like the company Bong Drops, which just require a drop or two to be added to bong water, rather than for a mixture to be made using more water. The company puts out regular drops (15ml for $8.99) in flavors like Cotton Candy, Banana, and Watermelon Sugar. This company also provides a line of organic drops (15ml for $9.99) in flavors: Organic Clove Oil, Organic Peppermint Oil, and Organic Orange Oil.

bong water flavors

Some even offer not only flavoring, but a way to keep your bong cleaner. The company Piece Water puts out its namesake solution with a proprietary blend of mineral, vegetable, and fruit extracts; that help to keep resin from building up while using the bong; aid in faster, easier cleaning; and provide a fresh taste for puffing. As per the company, use of their Piece Water should mean better smelling bong water, with no need for harsh cleaning chemicals. Interested users can purchase 4oz for $7, 12oz for $14, or three 12oz bottles for $25.

DIY bong water flavors

Truth is, much like the no-name bong industry (most of us just buy random pieces or make our own), you can add flavor to your bong water in a no-brand way. With just the right ingredients in your house, you can have your bong tasting way better, without buying a product at all.

What are some of the best things to use? Well, fruit juice is one option, to give your bong water a nice fruity appeal (requires washing after use to keep sugar from attracting dirt and bacteria). Other options include sparkling water for the carbonation buzz, Gatorade for its surgery sweetness (also requires washing your bong after due to sugar), or any kind of tea, which can actually be used hot or cold, though hot is not recommended for non-glass pieces. Or, just throw some orange or lemon peels in the water to give it an infused fruit taste.

What’s another interesting option? Wine! While high proof spirits are not recommended since breathing in alcohol fumes can be dangerous, and holding a flame near a highly flammable liquid could lead to bad things, the lower proof wine actually works well. It is recommended to use something like Lambrusco – sweet sparkling wine, or a red wine. Much like with Gatorade and fruit juice, the bong should be washed out after since wine has a high sugar content.

And while it’s not actually a flavor, ice has been a standard bong go-to for decades, providing a way to make a cooler, smoother hit for the user. Ice can be used on its own, or along with any other flavoring method (whether you buy it or find it in your house), to create that much better of a smoking experience each time.

Hot, carbonated, and alcohol – unlikely bong water additions

I mentioned a few things here which all go against logic, so I wanted to explain better. First off, putting ice in a bong is standard, but something hot? Unexpectedly, hot water hits are almost always said to produce smoother, less burning hits. This could be because hotter air has a higher water vapor content, making for a less harsh hit. Some say it makes you more high, but the jury’s out on that one. Nevertheless, for those who want something to warm them up in the winter, instead of making a cup of tea, you can make yourself a hot bong hit instead. Or use the tea for bong water flavors, and get the heated hit, with the taste of tea.

hot water bong

What about carbonated liquids to serve as bong water flavors? The carbonation is said to make a tingling sensation in the throat, and to provide very crisp hits. It was likened to smoking Pop Rocks, if that appeals to you. And though breathing in too much carbonation isn’t necessarily a good thing, when doing this in moderation, it can make for zesty, popping bong hits. Maybe not the norm, but an interesting bong idea.

Last, but not least, the idea of alcohol in a bong is a general no-no because of the danger of breathing in vaporized alcohol fumes. For this reason, and the risk of combustion, its best to use a low alcohol wine if going in this direction. Another issue is that alcohol is a solvent for THC, so there is some concern that THC could be lost by dragging the smoke through the alcohol. However, having made tinctures for years using alcohol (including weed tinctures), I know that it takes time for the alcohol to do its job, and a brief bong hit wouldn’t likely be enough to make much difference. It should probably also be stated, the wine should not be drank after.


No one said that just because you’re a bong smoker, that you have to deal with bad-tasting bong hits. With tons of bong water flavors to choose from in stores, and plenty of options for DIY flavors, you can have your bong tasting great, for every hit you take.

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