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Some Fun, Obscure European Cannabis Events to Check Out in 2022

european cannabis events
Written by Joseph Mcqueen

Who knew that the coronavirus was going to end up causing the cancellation of so many events. Remember when people were talking about it at the end of 2019? Many people believed it would be out of our hair in a few months. Well, essentially three years later, here we are. It’s 2022 and covid is still causing the cancellation of many important festivals and events.

So, if you’re a cannabis lover, then it’s no surprise that you may be slightly worried about the 2022 cannabis events coming up. You might be thinking…are they happening? Well, whilst covid can strike it’s cruel blow at any time, as it stands, many are still going ahead. So, today we’ll be looking through the European cannabis events of 2022 and seeing which ones are still happening.

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What is a Cannabis Event?

Cannabis events happen all over the world and they have been for decades. They can take many varying forms. Some events are based around cannabis businesses, some events have live music and chill out spaces, and other events have a plethora of cannabis seeds and buds. Of course, the types of events that happen will change depending on the home nation’s laws on cannabis. Nonetheless, each cannabis event is different and has its individual benefits. 

“Malta is to become the first European country to legalise the growing and possession of cannabis for personal use”The Week

Whilst most of Europe has legalized medical cannabis, the continent isn’t quite at the same stage of progression as North America. Recreational cannabis is only technically legal in Malta and partially Luxembourg. However, Germany looks to be following suit in a few years. Regardless of laws, Europe has some fantastic cannabis events coming in 2022. 


Dates: 11-13 March
Location: Barcelona, Spain


Spannabis is “three days of fair where exhibitors, professionals and visitors from the cannabis sector will be able to exchange opinions and have the opportunity to create new contacts and search for potential clients”

Spannabis is a cannabis event spaced over three days, including around 280 international exhibitors. It boasts being the biggest cannabis fair in the world. As a bonus, it happens to be in one of the most beautiful and warm cities in Europe: Barcelona. 

Is It Happening?

As It stands, spannabis is going ahead in March. The price of the whole festival is 50 euros, or 20 euros for a single day. However, the Spannabis website does also promise a refund if covid-19 causes cancellations. As someone that lives in Europe and has watched the coronavirus trajectory, my predictions are that this festival will go ahead. 


Dates: 13 August
Location: Berlin, Germany


Hanfparade is the largest cannabis march in Germany. In fact, around 8900 people attended the 2020 parade. It is a peaceful protest that stands for medical cannabis, hemp resources and the legalization of recreational cannabis. Their motto is: hemp is for everyone.

“Both for cannabis as a raw material, cannabis as recreational drug, as well as cannabis as medicine, there is a clear deficit of information in the population. We want to effectively counteract this by focusing on education in various areas this year.”

Hanfparade is known for its communal and grass-root atmosphere. It’s a beautiful experience. 

Is It Happening?

Hanfparade happened in 2021 and looks to be happening again in 2022. As this is a political protest, it does not need the same level of support and licensing to go ahead. Therefore, you can be sure that this event will take place unless there is another lockdown in August in Germany. However, summer lockdowns have been increasingly unlikely in Europe. Summer seems to be the time where coronavirus goes away. 


Dates: 26-28 August
Location: Dusseldorf, Germany


Cannafair takes place in Germany, which is a nation that has reported to be potentially 2 years away from legalizing recreational cannabis. In fact, Germany is the only super power in Europe that seems to be pushing for cannabis legalization. Cannafair is full of new products, interesting figures in the cannabis industry and incredible speakers. There’s even a BBQ. 

Is It Happening?

Yes. Almost definitely. I’ll let the website calm your nerves:

“The new date of 26 to 28 August 2022 should also be the best possible choice in terms of Corona. As the experience of the last two summer months has shown, summer fairs should not be a problem at all – on the contrary, this time the signs are damn good, so that nothing stands in the way of a top-class major event.

Cannabis World Cup

Dates: 1-3 July
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands


The cannabis world cup is one of the funnest cannabis events in the world. It’s known for its cup competition that uses 70 professionals to judge cannabis strains in the search for a winner each year. It’s a three day celebration of cannabis culture, music and strains. Big Narstie is even playing this year. Not only is the festival a load of fun, it’s also a great opportunity to speak to like-minded people about the wonders of cannabis. Plus, it’s in Amsterdam – the cannabis utopia.

Is It Happening?

The cannabis world cup is set to go ahead. However, the 2020 and 2021 events were restricted due to covid so it wouldn’t be a complete surprise if it happened again. Nonetheless, the promotion and music line up highlights a real intent by the cannabis world cup to make a big comeback this year. Have faith.

Canapa Mundi

Dates: 1-3 April
Location: Rome Italy


Canapa Mundi is relatively new, as it’s on it’s 6th edition this year. In fact, despite its youth as an event, Canapa Mundi has been receiving 30,000 visitors each year. This cannabis event is a celebration of the hemp sector in Italy and Europe as a whole. The faire is full of stalls from cannabis companies and producers. They put hemp producers and cannabis-lovers at the forefront of priority, which is highlighted by the fact that the tickets are extremely cheap. The leaders of the event encourage cannabis companies and hemp producers to come and hire a stand at their event too, in order to portray their work. 

Is It Happening?

This event is only around the corner, and it looks to be going ahead. In fact, Canapa Mundi was one of the only cannabis events to go ahead in Europe in 2020, despite covid. Because of this, It calls itself the ‘luckiest international trade fair in Europe’. Let’s hope this luck continues in 2022. 

Cultiva Hanfexpo

Dates: 7-9 October
Location: Vienna, Austria


Cultiva Hanfexpo is an absolute cannabis experience. With over 220 exhibitions, 10,000km square metre space and exhibitors from all over the globe, this event boasts being the largest hemp fair in Europe. The event is in Vienna, which is a beautiful quaint city in the heart of Austria. The fair speaks on the history, cultivation and use of hemp, as well as the law surrounding the cannabis industry. CBD has taken Europe by storm and at this event you can finally understand truly why. In addition, Cultiva Hanfexpro also invites many speakers who speak on the positive future of cannabis.

They truly love hemp over there:

“Hemp is an ancient crop that has been cultivated around the world for thousands of years. The greatest all-rounder in the plant world can do even more than being processed into food, oil, medicines, clothing, paper and building materials. Hemp is also one of the most sustainable plants ever.”

Is It Happening?

Yet again, this event looks to be happening. With dates in October, there is a slight fear of a post-summer rise in coronavirus cases. However, most European cities are now becoming stricter on whether this leads to lockdowns or event cancellations. It looks as if the days of lockdowns and cancellations are over. Hopefully. 


Here were some of the best cannabis events in Europe that will definitely, hopefully, be happening in 2022. We’ve had to deal with so many heartbreaking cancellations in the last few years, but now’s the time for redemption. Book your tickets, enjoy some cannabis events, and have faith.

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