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Top 10 Cannabis Products to Buy Your Loved one this Christmas

cannabis products
Written by Joseph Mcqueen

“On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me…CBD pain relief cream and a cannabis cookbook”

After what seems like a decade of covid-related stoppages and issues, Christmas is finally here again. A day all about love, family and togetherness. Or, perhaps, not. Whether you love Christmas or find it unbearably stressful, there’s no doubt that a nice strong drink and a funny gift is something we can all look forward to. This year, we’ve created a list of the top 10 best cannabis products you can buy your loved one this holiday. Whether you’re buying it for a partner, work colleague or distant relative, there is something in this list for everyone and anyone. Merry Christmas. 

Christmas is such a fun time of the year, filled with decoration, good food, family and friends, and of course, recreation. For more articles like this one, and for exclusive deals on flowers, vapes, edibles, and other legal products, make sure to subscribe to The THC Weekly Newsletter for deals on legal cannabis products, as well as all the latest news and industry stories. Also save big on Delta 8Delta 9 THCDelta-10 THCTHCOTHCVTHCP & HHC products by checking out our “Best-of” lists!

1. Grinder 

The first gift on our Christmas calendar is the common cannabis grinder. Every cannabis lover needs a decent and reliable grinder. Without finely ground cannabis, it can be harder or less enjoyable to smoke or vape your product. There are many types of grinders out there, but the best ones utilise all parts of the cannabis – including collecting the often-forgotten kief. This is usual with a 3 or 4 piece grinder. Grinders can be the difference between wasting and utilising your beautiful THC. It’s one of the most useful cannabis products you could receive.

Recommended purchase: Hem Grinder

2. Dry Herb Vaporizer 

Whether you call it a dry herb vaporizer or a weed vape, this device heats up dry cannabis buds and turns it into vapor. It’s healthier and easy to use. Plus, the temperature of a vape can seriously unlock the flavours of the many terpenes you cannabis holds. It could be the first time your loved one truly tastes their cannabis. There are many weed vapes out there, with varying specialities, so make sure to do your research.

Recommended purchase: Pax 3

3. 510 Thread Vape

Whilst we’re on the subject of vapes, it’s important to mention the alternative to a dry herb vaporizer: the 510 thread battery. This device heats up liquid cartridges, rather than dry buds or concentrates. You can purchase CBD, THC, THCP, E-liquid or basically any cannabinoid type cartridges. For those of you who prefer purchasing cannabinoid cartridges, perhaps this option is better for you. Again, it’s healthy and tasty. 

Recommended purchase: PCKT TWO

4. THCP Cartridges 

If you’ve purchased a 510 thread vape, then you’re going to need some cartridges to go with it. There are many types out there, containing various combinations of cannabinoids. However, the THCP cartridges made it onto this list because it’s supposed to be stronger than Delta-9, Delta-9, Delta-10 and even THCO. If you want to find out more, click here.

Recommended purchase: Binoid THCP Bundle

5. CBD Cream

Now, whilst of course cannabis has its recreational enjoyment, great Christmas gifts also include self care products. Luckily, the popular cannabinoid – CBD – has proven to have some quite remarkable pain-relief effects. Whilst cannabis is more commonly inhaled or ingested, CBD cream can also be consumed through the skin. Whether your loved one suffers from arthritis or other skin conditions, CBD pain relief cream could be the caring gift they need this Christmas. 

Recommended purchase: Blessed CBD Balm

6. Rosin Press

Next up on the list we have an industrial beast of a machine. Is your friend, loved one or family member a fan of cannabis concentrates? If you’re unaware, cannabis concentrates are concentrated THC cannabis, which are a lot stronger than usual dry buds. In fact, some the average wax or shatter will contain around 50-70% THC. If you want to know more about cannabis concentrates, click here. But, what if there was a machine that allowed you to make your own concentrates? Well, there is: the Rosin Press. Through hydraulic or pneumatic force, the rosin press will heat and crush your buds into beautifully potent concentrate. You can then place it into a joint or a dry herb vape. This is the perfect gift for your more cannabis-esteemed loved one. 

Recommended purchase: Nectar Pollen Puncher

7. Rolling Papers

Now, some people like to smoke cannabis the old-fashioned way. No vapes or machines, just paper, THC, and a lighter. For those people, good, reliable rolling papers are essential. Rolling a joint can be made a lot easier by sturdy and easily-rollable papers. Plus, the joint needs to burn well and burn consistently, otherwise the whole experience could be a huge let down. Therefore, Raw rolling products are the best choice. This company sells products that are natural, plant-based and contain no additives. There really is no other competition. So, purchase your loved one some quality rolling papers this Christmas.  

Recommended purchase: Organic Hemp Papers 

8. Smell-proof Bag

cannabis products

Cannabis is a complex plant and within it, there are around 400 compounds. Around 150 of those are called terpenes. Terpenes are what give cannabis its incredible flavours and scents. Whilst these tastes and smells are beautiful and define what cannabis is, they can be problematic at times. The smell of cannabis is an extremely identifiable scent, and one that does not always go down well. Perhaps you’re living in a country where cannabis is illegal, or perhaps you don’t want people to know that you’ve got some on you. Either way, every cannabis user deserves a smell-proof bag this Christmas.

Recommended purchase: Firedog Smell Proof Bag 

9. Bong

cannabis products

Taking a hit from a bong is unlike anything else. Whilst vaping and smoking has its negatives and positives, bongs are in a league of their own.  Bongs are able to create a large amount of smoke by using a water filtration system and a large base. The hit you can get from a bong is often much more potent and extreme than anything you’ll get from a joint or vape. It’s an experience. In fact, you can make a bong out of pretty much anything, and people have. Whilst glass bongs are probably the most popular, the ceramic bong is the one we recommend today due to its aesthetic and classiness. Not only does this device offer an original experience, it also can sit trendily on the mantelpiece. It’s a vass and a bong. Why not get one of these products for a loved one this Christmas?

Recommended purchase: The Land Yacht

10. Cannabis Cookbook 

cannabis products

The final Christmas gift is all about food. The world of cooking has a lustrous history; full of incredible chefs, beautiful flavours and amazing cuisine. Good food could be the difference between a good day and a bad day. However, the sad truth is that not everyone has the ability to cook well. Some people aren’t taught it in their youths. That’s why we’ve decided to include a cannabis cookbook on this list. Whilst many might not be lucky enough to know about cooking, there’s always time to learn. Cannabis cooking is more popular now than it ever has been, especially with the medical benefits of cannabis now being more universally recognised. The world of cannabis-cooking is a whole new art, but it’s one that deserves all the recognition it deserves. Buy a cannabis cookbook for your loved one this Christmas and, if you’re lucky, they might cook you something in return.  

Recommended purchase: Bong Appetite Book

Conclusion – Best Christmas Cannabis Products

Christmas might be difficult for some, but enjoyable for others. Some people may see Christmas as a time where you feel awkward having to see family members you’ve tried to avoid, or maybe even as a time where you’re all alone. Whilst others see Christmas as the season to be jolly, and a time full of festive fun. Whether you love Christmas or hate it, giving gifts is something everyone can appreciate. The look on someone’s face when they receive a present is what Christmas is all about. Giving. So, if your loved one, friend or even work colleague is a fan of cannabis, why not get them something extra special this year? Why not get them one of our selected top 10 cannabis products? Maybe even get one for yourself whilst you’re at it. You deserve it. Merry Christmas.

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