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Nevada Gearing Up For Cannabis Consumption Lounges

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Written by Alexandra Hicks

The long-awaited bill to allow people a place to consume cannabis in public, which has been in the works since before pandemic restrictions, has finally passed the Nevada legislature with bipartisan support.

Until now, people were only permitted to consume cannabis on private property, which is fine for residents but left roughly 40 million tourists who visit Nevada annually out of luck, with no where to smoke the flower they bought legally at local dispensaries. Not only was it a burden on consumers, but dispensaries were losing money because people were either using less flower than they otherwise would, or not buying it at all.

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This bill, AB 341, will create two different types of cannabis lounges – independent lounges, which are consumption lounges and nothing more, and retail lounges, which are attached to a dispensary. Both of these categories will be regulated by the Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board.

The Vegas Tasting Room, owned and operated by NuWu Cannabis Marketplace, is located on the Las Vegas Paiute Tribe’s land just north of Downtown Las Vegas, currently offers the only legal consumption lounge in the state. The Vegas Tasting Room offers 90-minute time slots with options such as pipes, bongs, dab rigs, and other consumption methods.


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Planet 13 Marijuana Dispensary has already drafted plans to open a consumption lounge at its dispensary on Desert Inn Road. “We’ve long believed that tourists needed a safe, legal, and enjoyable place to consume cannabis and have been planning for a consumption lounge at the superstore since the bill was originally proposed two years ago,” Bob Groesbeck, co-CEO of Planet 13, says in a press statement.

Las Vegas, a city almost entirely dependent on tourism for financial survival, has been struggling since the pandemic began in early 2020. City officials have been eager to get things back on track, and on June 1, Las Vegas will revert to pre-pandemic guidelines, lifting all capacity limits and social distancing requirements.

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