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Prepackaged Hemp and Cannabis Flower – Safer For Consumers, Businesses, and the Environment

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Written by Alexandra Hicks

When it comes to the cannabis and hemp industries, anything that can help make things safer and more legitimate is always welcomed and frankly, necessary.

Aside from appealing to your consumer base, proper packaging is also a major factor in staying complaint with local regulations. Regardless of where you’re selling your hemp or cannabis flowers, whether it’s in the U.S., Canada, Europe, etc.; it’s highly likely your intended market will have some type of packaging and distribution laws you need to abide by.

Plus, this doesn’t mean your packaging has to be boring. On the contrary, these new regulations have led to an upswing in creative and stylish, high-quality packaging. Many companies are crafting child-resistant jars out of glass, wood, and metal, in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. They’re actually a great marketing tool – Honestly, there’s been quite a few times that cool packaging was the deciding factor for me when I couldn’t choose between dispensaries.

That said, let’s take a closer look at the importance of properly prepackaged cannabis and hemp flowers.

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Safer for Consumers, Businesses, and The Environment

First, we’ll cover patient safety, as that’s always the most important aspect of offering any medicinal product. It goes without saying that if a product (hemp or cannabis flowers in this case) is prepackaged immediately following harvest, or right after being tested in a lab, there is a much smaller chance of it becoming contaminated by the time it reaches the patient.

While you may not think this is a rampant issue in our industry, you’d be surprised to learn otherwise. Mold is a very common problem with buds that aren’t properly packaged, and some of these mold spores are dangerous to human health and undetectable by the naked eye.

At the end of last year, lab results from 25 randomly selected Denver-area dispensaries were released. Out of the 25 stores, 20 of them (or 80 percent) were selling flower that was contaminated with mold or yeast. “There are many different reasons why products may show up on the sale shelf contaminated,” said Abby Davidson, the food and marijuana safety manager at the Denver Department of Public Health and Environment (DDPHE).

“It’s not that the dispensary that it was sent to had any hand, possibly, in contaminating the product. Or it could be that there were processes that happened after cultivation that maybe would’ve led to contamination. It’s really hard to point any fingers until we’re able to do our investigation and backtrack to how that product got to that dispensary.”

Issues with liability (for dispensary and shop owners at least) are less likely to arise should a patient fall ill after smoking flower from your inventory. The seller can simply point to the fact that they bought their hemp or cannabis flower in prepackaged, tamper-proof containers and investigators will back off and look further down the supply chain.

And last but certainly not least, this packaging craze is also serving the environment well. I can’t tell you how many small plastic, pop-top jars I accumulated before California upgraded their cannabis packaging laws (hundreds). I collected and recycled mine, but many people were more careless, and these ended up as plastic waste. High-quality, reusable jars made from glass, metal, or wood are a vast improvement in my book.

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Golden State Regulations

The California cannabis market is the largest in the world, and they have some of the most stringent packaging laws as well. In January of last year, the California Department of Public Health fully implemented these new regulations that they had been working on for a year prior.

The law is extremely detailed and, of course, open for updates in this constantly-changing industry. But here are the basic guidelines that cannabis and hemp companies will need to follow:

  • Smokable cannabis and hemp flower must be prepackaged at the lab where it was tested for cannabinoids and contaminants.
  • As a product that has age-requirements and is still federally illegal, cannabis and hemp flower must be prepackaged in child resistant jars.
  • For consumer safety and peace of mind, cannabis and hemp flower must be sold in tamper-proof packaging.
  • If the product can be used multiple times, it must be sold in resealable packaging.

Most legal markets have their own packaging laws on the books, and although they might vary slightly, the over gist is the same across the board: lab tested, child resistant, and tamper proof.

Why They’re Good For Business

Why are prepackaged buds in high-quality glass jars an important addition to your dispensary or online shop? Well there are numerous reasons for that, starting with product freshness and safety. As mentioned above, with prepackaged flowers coming directly from a farm or lab, the risk of moldy, contaminated, imperfect product is greatly diminished.  

These buds will also be fresher, as most of these prepackaged hemp and cannabis buds are stored in jars or pouches that can regulate the humidity to an extent. If your product arrives in a prepackaged and airtight container, the buds will be intact and won’t get smashed and deformed during shipment either.

Another major reason is, of course, aesthetics. Glass jars look good, they last long, and they’re what the sophisticated hemp consumer of today is searching for. It’s been proven that nice packaging can improve your brand and boost sales. As a consumer myself, I’m a sucker for cool packaging and I’d be lying if I said that I never chose certain dispensaries over others because I liked the jars they were selling.

And last but definitely not least important, ease and convenience. Instead of having to source the packaging yourself, compare prices, make sure everything is compliant and has all the important features, and jump through any other hoops – why not just buy the flowers already packaged, slap a nice label on the jar and call it a day?

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