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Get EU GMP Extracts: CBD Isolate, CBD Distillate and CBG Isolate

GMP Extracts
Written by Alexandra Hicks

We wanted to take a moment and announce our newest EU GMP extract deals for anyone who needs to produce large quantities of cannabinoid-specific products.

We have 3 different kinds of EU GMP extracts available for you this week: GMP and EU GMP certified CBD and CBG isolates as well as CBD distillate. They are from EUDRA certified suppliers, available with a minimum order quantity and can be shipped throughout the United States and to Europe.

All of these isolates are processed in GMP-certified facilities, with an option to get it from an EU GMP facility, for our EU clients. Because EU GMP products are certified, there’s a guarantee of safety and quality – which translates to peace of mind for your consumers. Some of the top CBD manufactures already hold Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) certification as well as Governance and Professional Practice (GPP) certification.

Whether your goal is to create cannabinoid-infused products or you want to sell them, it’s important to use GMP certified CBD/CBG products because it shows your customers you’re willing to go the extra step to ensure their safety and satisfaction.

EU GMP Extracts and Isolates – CBD and CBG

We have secured the lowest prices possible to help jump start your business. Costs are as follows:

For EU GMP CBD Isolate :
  • 1-25kg – €1,850
  • 25-50kg – €1,650
  • 50- 100kg – €1,550
  • 100kg+ – €1,450

For EU GMP CBD Distillate:

  • 1 – 10kg – €3,950
  • 11 – 50kg – €3,750
  • 51 – 100kg – €3,450
  • 100kg+ – Negotiable

The pricing for EU GMP CBG Isolate is as follows:

  • 1-10 kg – €11,000
  • 10-20 kg- €10,500
  • 10-20 kg- €10,000
  • 50 kg or more- €9,500

We also have US GMP CBG Isolate (99%) for $7,000/kg (minimum order 10 kilo)

and more …

Numerous products can be made from these isolates, but even on its own, isolate can have a tremendous resale value. If you are looking to develop a legal product in the EU, you must source EU GMP products. We have secured these products for the best available price!

What is Isolate?

As the name indicates, isolate is one specific cannabinoid isolated from all the other compounds in the cannabis plant. In its final form, it’s a white power that is pure cannabinoid extract.

There  are multiple different methods used to make isolate including supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2) and ethanol-based extractions. Regardless of the method chosen, the plant will be completely stripped of all its components such as additional cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, lipids, and other compounds. Then, the cannabinoid is separated from the resulting extraction through a series of chemical washes.

Although many people prefer the entourage effect that comes along with full and broad spectrum products, there are quite a few specific benefits to using isolates – starting with their versatility. Because the cannabinoid extract is in its purest form, it can be mixed into a variety of products, from edibles to topicals and more. It can also be used sublingually.

Another convenience to using isolate is that it’s easy to measure and dose. Because there are no other ingredients to consider, it’s easy for a consumer to quantify the exact amount of whatever cannabinoid they wish to utilize.

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New products are coming in 2020

In year 2020, we are going to see many new products coming to the market as regulations continue to change and prices start to level out. We expect to see both isolate-based products and whole flower products become increasingly available, as both have important roles in different sectors of the industry – flowers are often recreational in nature while isolates are more medical.

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Importance of Stocking GMP Products in Your Shop

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