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Do Sublingual CBD Strips Really Get The Job Done?

sublingual cbd strips
Written by Steven Bridge

As the CBD industry goes from zero to hero in just a few years, more and more delivery systems for this natural plant compound are being delivered to market. One new and highly convenient way of taking CBD is via minty sublingual strips.

With all the delivery systems for CBD available in this day and age, it’s sometimes hard to navigate the right path. Do you go for some CBD Oil in your water? Or perhaps some CBD Vape Juice is the order of the day? And what about those slightly calorific but yummy CBD Cupcakes they sell at your local dispensary? Decisions, decisions, and the list of options are seemingly endless. However, there’s a relatively new kid on the block; sublingual CBD strips.

The word sublingual is derived from the Latin, literally meaning “under the tongue.” It’s a reference to the “pharmacological route of administration by which substances diffuse into the blood through tissues under the tongue,” according to those smart folks over at Wikipedia. And while CBD strips might be a new innovation, many drugs are administered in this form, including cardiovascular drugs, steroids, and benzodiazepines, to name but a few.

To go into some more detail, the sublingual delivery of drugs or natural compounds to the bloodstream is considered fast-acting and highly effective. As soon as the specially designed sublingual strip comes into contact with mucous membrane beneath the tongue, it is absorbed instantly. It’s then able to enter the venous circulation rapidly.

Many people choose sublingual application over oral administration to avoid first-pass metabolism by the liver. When a compound is taken orally, it also has to contend with other factors and must survive passage through the hostile environment of the gastrointestinal tract.

sublingual cbd strips

Various medications are administered sublingually

Many of those new to CBD find that sublingual CBD strips get the job done, are handy to use and work quickly and effectively. When you take CBD under the tongue in sublingual strips form, you can account for precise dosing and enjoy the most efficient bioavailability, and dissolvability possible.

At the same time, the companies that make sublingual CBD strips use a unique “permeability technology” to ensure the CBD is felt by the user almost immediately or within a few minutes (depending on various factors). Special nano-emulsion technology is also used my most sublingual CBD strip producers. This ensures consistency of dosing as well as increased bioavailability.

CBD strips come in resealable pouches which keep them fresh, even though they do have a shelf life. Available in concentrations ranging from 10mg-30mg, CBD strips also come in a range of different flavors – even if most people seem to prefer mint. In that respect, sublingual CBD strips also work to freshen the breath, so you get two for the price of one. CBD strips are perfect for people with busy lives or who spend extended periods on the road. They’re great for people who grow anxious before public speaking or for those nervous about doctors appointments and the like.

When purchasing sublingual, CBD strips always ensure the product you are buying contains CBD tested by a third-party lab. Also, try to ensure that the product is organic as much as possible and without too many chemicals or added sugar. As CBD, short for cannabidiol, is considered to be non-toxic, most people have zero side-effects from it.

Some users and those new to CBD have reported feeling sleepy, but as there’s no THC in the strips, they won’t make you feel high or stoned. If you’re interested in sublingual CBD strips, a simple internet search will offer most of the answers you need. Also, check out some verified buyers’ reviews on products people have tried for a clearer picture of the product that interests you.

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