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Portuguese CBD Expansion Plans For U.K. Market Leader

Written by Peter McCusker

One of the largest cannabis companies in the U.K. has expanded its overseas footprint with the announcement of a major investment into a new Portuguese extraction facility.

Initially concentrating on its domestic Home Office-approved cultivation for extraction in its U.K facilities, British Cannabis has shifted its focus overseas recently. Now with a network of cannabis farms in Lithuania its proposed new 10,750sq ft extraction facility, near Lisbon, will sit next to its privately-owned cannabis farm, said the company in a press release.

British Cannabis says the new facility will allow it to treble its annual output leading to a ‘step-change its scale and ability to innovate’.

European Cannabis Focus

The company describes itself as the ‘largest producer, manufacturer, and distributor of legal cannabis-derived products in the U.K.’. Its Canabidol brand is undoubtedly one of the leaders in the U.K. market place with an innovative product range.

Canabidol CEO Tom Whettem is a founding member of the U.K-based industry and lobbying body the Cannabis Trades Association. He has played a key role in in talks between the U.K. and European authorities over the regulations regarding CBD products in recent years.

He says that British Cannabis and Canabidol are both determined to ensure they are able to provide fully compliant products of ‘U.K. and European provenance’. He contends that the compliance issues highlighted in recent findings such as the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis report can be the result ‘non-compliant CBD produce coming into Europe from other continents’.

He added: “We hear businesses and consumers calling for a company that can provide cannabis extracts and end-user products, made right here in Europe, that can be relied on for accuracy, quality and legal compliance.” 

CBD Skin Rescue Cream

Canabidol range includes CBD oils, oral capsules, sublingual tablets, vape liquids and what it describes the UK’s first clinically proven cannabis cosmetic. Earlier this year it launched the Canabidol CBD Rescue Cream one of the few CBD products for which the U.K. authorities allow medical claims to be made.

Mr Whettem explained that after putting this rescue cream through a clinical study, it can now say this CBD cream is ‘clinically proven effective to soothe, relieve and repair your skin’.

He said in a company blog: “After passing with flying colours, we are delighted to be the first ever company to say that our cannabis cosmetic is the only one proven to relieve, soothe and repair your skin, with all the natural power of the cannabis plant!”

“As the initial results came in we were quite literally blown away. Nearly 100% of the participants in the study reported the same results that we had expected, backing up our claims almost unanimously.”

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