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The Medical Cannabis Weekly Review: CBD Absorption, Terpenes Benefits, U.K. Health System Flaws, and more

Written by Alexandra Hicks
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If you’ve ever made edibles, you know that the cannabis or extract you use needs to be mixed with some type of fatty-base like butter.

As it turns out, that doesn’t only apply to the cooking process, but fat is a major part the CBD absorption equation as well. Also, we’re taking a look at some of the benefits of plant terpenes and how they interact with the endocrine system. And learn what to look out for when buying vape pods, so you can avoid a hospital visit. All that and more in this week’s Medical Cannabis Weekly Review and Newsletter.


FEATURED STORY: New Research Suggests CBD Absorption Is Increased With Fatty Foods

cbd fat

According to an interesting new study, when CBD is taken along with fatty foods, absorption rates are increased up to 14 times. The study, published in June in the Epilepsia Journal, was entitled “Food effect on pharmacokinetics of cannabidiol oral capsules in adult patients with refractory epilepsy.”

The study looked at the difference between taking CBD in oral form with a high-fat meal as compared with fasting. While some research has been carried out on the relationship between CBD and various conditions, only a small amount of research is available when it comes to CBD absorption.

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The Importance of Plant Terpenes in Human Health

terpenes homeostasis

While the human body is permanently trying to bring itself to a state of equilibrium – known as homeostasis – there are numerous external factors to consider. Compounds known as Terpenes – found in cannabis and various other plants – are on that list.

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How To Ensure The Vape Pods You Buy Are Safe

vape pods

Recent headlines in the media over the safety of vaping have some people understandably concerned. With a spate of emergency room admissions in various states, it turns out tainted vape pods caused the issues. So how can you make sure the products you’re buying are actually safe?

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Second GW Pharmaceutical Setback Exposes U.K. Health System Flaws

u.k. health

The U.K. medical body charged with determining which treatments can be accessed through the National Health Service (NHS) has dealt a second blow to GW Pharmaceuticals in a matter of days. Last week, findings on the potential for U.K. medical cannabis ruled GW’s drug for MS, Sativexm as not cost effective.

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