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The CBD Lifestyle Weekly Review: Cannabis Weddings, DIY CBD Skincare Products, Eating Raw Cannabis, and more

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Written by Alexandra Hicks

We know most everyone has heard of edibles, but have you ever considered eat your cannabis completely raw? It’s good for you!

Another interesting trend we covered this week is the rise of the “cannabis wedding”, which features a bud bar instead of alcohol. Also, check out some CBD-infused breakfast food recipes and DIY skincare products. All that and more in this week’s CBD Lifestyle Review and Newsletter.

Try a cannabis bar if you’re looking for something unique at your wedding

cannabis weddings

If you’ve always been the type of person that prefers cannabis over alcohol, have you considered doing a cannabis-themed wedding? To sum it up, a canna-wedding is just a run of the mill nuptial but instead of serving alcohol, you would have a cannabis flower bar. This has actually become a very popular trend in legal states, so much so that there is now an entire expo dedicated to canna-weddings.

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Easy recipes for a CBD-infused breakfast

cbd breakfast

CBD edibles are for sure the tastiest way to get your daily dose of cannabinoids. Adding CBD to the most important meal of the day can also be one of the easiest ways to incorporate it into your wellness routine. We’ve complied some of our favorite breakfast food and drink recipes to take your morning to the next level.

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Check out these amazing DIY skincare products

diy cbd

CBD skincare products are amazing, but they’re also expensive! So instead of breaking the bank, why not just make your own? These DIY CBD skin products are simple, fun, and your skin will definitely be happy when you’re done. Not only that, but this way you’ll know exactly what’s going into your hygiene products so you can avoid any of the harsh, commercial ingredients.

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Move over kale and spinach, cannabis is the new superfood

eating raw cannabis

When most people think of “eating cannabis” edibles is probably the first thing that comes to mind, but have you ever considered eating it raw? By definition, raw means unprocessed and in its natural state, so no, you can’t use a trimmed and cured bud from your stash. From a nutritional standpoint, raw cannabis is one of the healthiest foods on earth, full of antioxidants, protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

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Israel’s health ministry introduces new medical cannabis rules

israel medical cannabis

Although it’s been years since Israel legalized medical cannabis for certain qualifying patients, the sad reality is that this haven of cannabis research has always been littered with red tape, inconsistent regulations, and frequent price increases. However, this is finally about to change fore the better. According to Deputy Health Minister Ya’acov Litzman, “We are attentive to criticism and to improving in order to ease the suffering of patients and will continue to promote further activities on the matter,” ‘

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Growing aeroponic cannabis: Is it right for you?


What initially began as a method to do in-depth, root research, aeroponics is now a widely-accepted cannabis cultivation method. The benefits of growing aeroponically are abundant, however, it’s not an easy method for novice gardeners. It requires a lot of attention to detail and a thorough knowledge of what a healthy cannabis plant looks like in all the stages of its life cycle.

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