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Native Roots Wellness Shops in Colorado Focus on CBD

native roots
Written by Tony Ottomanelli

Unless you’ve been out of touch with reality, then you are most likely well aware of the fact that Colorado was among the first states in the U.S. to legalize the manufacturing, sale and use of recreational cannabis.

From this, we have seen a massive spike in the amount of cannabis dispensaries located all over Colorado. One of the most widely recognized names in the dispensary circuit is Native Roots. The Native Roots brand is literally home to 20 of Colorado’s top medical and recreational cannabis dispensaries.

About the Brand

Building a chain of 20 shops is no easy feat no matter what industry your business is operating in, especially a modern emerging industry, such as cannabis. Now, Native Roots is testing the waters of another type of opportunity. According to Native Roots, they are “dipping their toes” into the CBD business. This is an extremely exciting development in the cannabis and hemp industries.

native roots

Native Roots, one of the most prominent names in the dispensary circuit, will focus future efforts on CBD

They clarified, “we are utilizing our years of experience operating successful cannabis dispensaries across the state into a new venture.” This new venture for their brand consists of launching 3 separate CBD retail shop locations.

One wellness shop is located in Denver, directly in the tourist hub of the 16th Street Mall. This particular area is one of the most visited locations in all of Denver, CO. The 16th Street Mall has been infamous for decades and now Native Roots has secured a prime position for a retail location to sell high quality CBD products.

Wellness Expansion

In addition, Native Roots has also opened up 2 more wellness shops in the city of Colorado Springs. One shop is located on Tejon Street and the other is located on Uintah street. Once again, Native Roots has chosen a prime locale for wellness expansion.

Even more fascinating is the fact that all 3 shops opened by the company are the first of their kind — with a major cannabis brand crossing over into the hemp derived CBD retail business. Basically, this means we will likely be seeing more of this type of venture from other major Colorado cannabis brands.

Not to mention, following the launch of these 3 wellness shops, there has recently been a major increase of specialty CBD stores popping up all over Colorado as well as other states around the U.S. — speciality shops that seem to sell only the same brand they personally manufacture.

For instance, imagine there is a brick and mortar retail shop named CBDo-it, this would be the only brand they offer, CBDo-it products. However, at the Native Roots Wellness shops there are several hemp-based brands to choose from, such as Incredible CBD, Wellicy CBD, Receptra, Therabis, etc.

Regardless, no matter how many specialty shops open their doors for business in Colorado, the original and top innovator will forever be known as Native Roots Wellness.

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Tony Ottomanelli

Tony Ottomanelli II earned a Master’s Degree in Social Sciences from Depaul University in Chicago, Illinois. He is a former NCAA basketball player and high school basketball coach. After teaching Sociology courses at Owens College in Ohio, he decided to help his family open a restaurant in the Denver, Colorado area. Now, as a proud resident of Denver, where the Recreational Cannabis Industry was initially born, Tony has become a Researcher and Published Writer focusing on topics related to Recreational & Medical Cannabis, Hemp-based CBD and the Vape Industry.