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Wellicy CBD Brand Making Big Business Moves

wellicy cbd
Written by Tony Ottomanelli

As a CBD brand, your reputation is extremely significant and putting out pretty packaging is just not enough.

So, with a concentration on networking to build positive relationships; educating consumers, maintaining compliance, choosing proper extraction methods, advocating for the industry, partnering with reputable companies, engaging with customers and expressing a genuine interest are just some of the important aspects that every CBD brand must manage… and Wellicy CBD is doing just that.

Wellicy CBD Livestream

Taking this into consideration, Wellicy CBD has become the embodiment of a model CBD business. Not only does Wellicy manufacture some of the highest quality hemp based products in the industry, they also take the time to actively engage with their current and potential consumers.

wellicy CBD
Wellicy CBD has a very popular show on Facebook Live

Wellicy CBD has gained thousands of viewers from their Wellness Wednesday show that’s live streamed on Facebook. The real time audience engagement they receive is something special and entirely authentic. Not too many other brands have even come close to creating such an advantageous platform.

During the Wellness Wednesday live stream, Wellicy CEO Eden Coleman displays an unparalleled type of leadership you won’t likely see anywhere else throughout the CBD Industry. Mr. Coleman’s enthusiastic attitude drives the success of this social media broadcast.

Watching this show reveals just how much the Wellicy brand truly cares for the well-being of every person as the show’s main focus is education. To summarize, viewers can ask questions and receive immediate answers on the spot — an interactive experience and hands on connection toward content creation.

One thing is certain, Wellicy CBD is establishing itself as an industry leader. Their impressive approach to social interaction is an active form of advocating. This modern form of advocacy is broadcasted not only to highlight the Wellicy brand, but also in support of elevating consumer knowledge of Cannabidiol.

Wellicy Expansion

To suggest that the Wellicy CBD brand is expanding is undoubtedly an understatement. Their website serves as a central hub for CBD e-commerce since they distribute more than just their own brand. Many of the brands they offer for sale online are some of the top businesses throughout the whole CBD industry. Their roster of products is beyond impressive.

For instance, the Wellicy e-commerce options range from Hemp Lucid, Koi CBD, CW Hemp, Elevate CBD, Savage CBD, Green Roads, CBDfx, Alpine Hemp, Mary’s Nutritionals, Bluebird Botanicals, and several other leading brands.

wellicy cbd
Wellicy recently launched their own line of gummies

In addition, the Wellicy CBD website carries everything from edibles, tinctures, topicals, CBD crystals, capsules, oral sprays, and even products for pets. The Wellicy website is extremely user-friendly so consumers can easily navigate their way to wellness.

In addition to their educational commitment and distribution efforts, the Wellicy CBD brand is making huge strides in networking throughout the industry and beyond. A major partnership with the Native Roots Wellness retail shops across Colorado has become an amazing opportunity for expansion.

Native Roots is primarily known for their 20 dispensary locations for medical and recreational cannabis throughout the state of Colorado. However, Native Roots has branched out by opening up 3 separate specialty CBD stores. These 3 locations are known as Native Roots Wellness, focusing on selling high quality CBD brands such as Wellicy.

The Wellicy CBD Business

The Wellicy brand operates out of the Greater Denver area, so they use Colorado grown hemp — using CO2 to extract Cannabidiol to be used in their high quality product line. Furthermore, Wellicy CBD products come in many forms, from tinctures, bath bombs, vape oils, lotions and creams.

However, the most exciting new development for Wellicy is the launch of their gummies, known as CBD Super Chews, which are 35mg a piece. Not too many other brands in the entire industry have created a product where there is 35mg of CBD per chew.

Not to mention, this new line of tasty gummies are manufactured with broad spectrum CBD — containing no THC. Proudly made in Colorado the Wellicy gummies are manufactured in a GMP and FDA registered facility, 100% non-GMO, vegetarian and vegan friendly

Among all Wellicy products, there is a wide variety to choose from when searching for an effective vaping option as the Wellicy CBD Vape oils are available in Strawberry, Blueberry, Grape, Apple as well as an unflavored additive.

Wellicy CBD operates as a global CBD business. As an online retailer, distributor and manufacturer of CBD products, these facts alone are already an impressive advancement toward progress. For their online shop, they accept payment in several different currencies, the US Dollar, British Pounds Sterling and the Euro — accepting all major credit cards and debit card providers.

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