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Beginner’s Guide to CBD Tincture, CBD Isolate and CBD Distillate

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Written by Alexandra Hicks

For the past few years, the CBD industry has been steadily growing from a once “alternative” healthcare method to a mainstream option that’s replacing traditional medications.

This considerable boom has left us with a plethora of product options. These days you can find CBD in almost anything; vape liquid, supplements, tinctures, isolates, and so many more. While it’s great to have so many choices, it can also be overwhelming when trying to choose what’s best. Especially if you’re not even entirely sure how they all work and what they do. In this article, we’ll discuss a few of the most effective products available today: CBD tincture, CBD distillate, and CBD isolate.

CBD Tincture

Let’s start with tinctures, which is the mildest of the three products. Tinctures are created by steeping high-CBD cannabis or CBD hemp flowers in high-proof grain alcohol while applying low heat for many hours.  This results in a very potent liquid with a high-CBD content. When purchased from a reputable source, it should have 0.3% THC or less (0.2% in most EU countries). However, if you happen to be making it at home, there could be more residual THC in your final product.

It’s not uncommon to mix the tincture with a carrier oil like orange or peppermint. On its own, the taste can be quite bitter and unpleasant. Since tinctures are pretty strong, they should be taken in small doses. Most people start with one drop twice per day and increase it from there. You can put the drops under your tongue or it can be mixed with food and beverages.

CBD Isolate

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The most powerful CBD product created yet is without a doubt, CBD isolate. CBD isolate is exactly what it sounds like; isolated cannabidiol, CBD in its purest form. There are no other cannabinoids or terpenes present in a CBD isolate, not even trace amounts. The final product is a fine white powder that has over 99% CBD. Basically, it’s an extra-refined distillate.

Because it’s so concentrated, also odorless and tasteless, it’s great to use when making your own CBD products. It can be added to food, skin care products, beverages, and more. Since it’s so pure, 1 milligram of isolate is equal to 1 milligram of CBD, so it’s easy to know exactly how much you’re adding to your products.

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CBD Distillate

Raw cannabis oil has A LOT of different compounds such as terpenes, cannabinoids, and residual plant material. To create distillate, this oil is vaporized and the vapor is collected in a distillation cooling system. Each compound in the plant can be separated because of the variations in volatility, or boiling point, so the result is a relatively clean product.

It’s great because it’s very concentrated, and completely free of any solvents or chemicals. Something to remember is that even though some companys say that distillate is the purest product out there, that’s not true. It’s a close second but not as pure as isolate and it can still have trace amounts of other cannabinoids.

Now keep in mind that just because one product is more concentrated, that doesn’t mean it’s the best. The best product for you depends entirely on what you need it for. Each product has it’s own unique benefits and uses which is important to know when deciding what to buy.

Everything You Need To Know About CBD Distillate

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