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You Can Now Order a CBD Cocktail Next Time You Go Out

cbd cocktails
Written by Sophie Smith

Many of us enjoy winding down with our favorite drink at the end of a long, hard week. Now it’s possible to take those feelings of relaxation to the next level with the latest trend – CBD Cocktails.

CBD is fast becoming known as the new go-to addition in everyone’s wellness routine. It holds science-backed health benefits including the ability to reduce stress, anxiety and decrease chronic pain. Today you’ll find CBD in just about anything, from edibles to beauty products. You may have already come across CBD beverages too like CBD tea and CBD coffee. Now bars in the US have begun to experiment further by creating CBD-infused cocktails.

These concoctions don’t necessarily come with the negative effects that cannabis and alcohol mixing sometimes delivers. This is because the CBD oil used in these cocktails contains less than 0.3% THC on average. As a result, it won’t give you a ‘high’ like regular cannabis does. Csonko in New York was the first CBD beverages bar to pop up in the US. According to their experience, it’s possible to have a night on CBD cocktails and go to the gym as normal the next morning. Wondering how? Let’s take a look.

What’s Different about CBD Cocktails?

There’s a lot of different ways to make CBD Cocktails. Csonko Bar in particular uses low ABV drinks like sherry or vermouth to achieve the most relaxing effects. They also set a two drink maximum on CBD cocktails. CBD mixologists have found that not only does CBD bring a different taste dynamic to cocktails but also texture, as it gives drinks a more viscous feel. In terms of taste, it has an earthy flavor which works well with spirits like gin.

cbd cocktails
Strong liquor like whiskey and gin are full of terpenes

Another option is to use stronger spirits like tequila or bourbon to overpower the earthy notes that CBD brings. Spirits like gin are rich in terpenes just like CBD and cannabis extracts, so for this reason the two work well together. Terpenes are a substance found in all plants, including cannabis. They’re mainly responsible for aroma and taste.

Some bars have also experimented not just with CBD oil. New York bar Jimmy At The James offers CBD cocktails using a variety of methods. They play around using CBD tea, tinctures and edibles like CBD gummy bears. 

How Will I Feel After Drinking a CBD Cocktail?

So what does it feel like to drink CBD and alcohol together? Well, according to the CBD bartenders, it’s a feeling of deeper relaxation without the hefty hangover the day after.

It’s said that the usual relaxing, mellow effects that CBD gives us are amplified by alcohol. According to James Giordano, professor of neurology and biochemistry at Georgetown University Medical Center, “If you’re a happy drunk, CBD cocktails will make you a happier drunk. If you’re an aggressive drunk, CBD could disinhibit some of that”.

Final Thoughts

CBD cocktails can be a great alternative to your regular liquor choice. Thanks to CBD’s relaxing properties, you can enjoy a light tipple with an an added shot of relaxation and calm. CBD oils and tinctures can also bring a new dynamic to your drink with their unique flavor and added texture. 

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  • Is there a list of doctors who will prescribe medical cannabis for chronic pain?

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