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CBD For Hangovers: Is it an Effective Cure?

cbd for hangovers
Written by Alexandra Hicks

Ah, the dreaded hangover. Nothing kills your partying mood faster than the thought of how you’ll be feeling the next day – like you’ve been hit by a truck.

Society is constantly on the hunt for the next, best hangover remedy. While some people swear by a big, greasy breakfast the following morning, that may not be the best approach for everyone, especially as you get older. So, what’s one to do? Aside from getting a bit of rest and staying hydrated, there has to be a quick way to shake that miserable feeling, right? As it turns out, there just might be an all-natural, healthy way to cure these unwanted hangovers: CBD!

Drinking Statistics

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, 86.4 Americans reported that they drank alcohol at some point in their lives, with 70.1 percent claiming to have drank in the last year and 56.0 percent saying they drank within the last month. When it comes to binge drinking, 26.9 percent of people report having engaged in binge drinking within the last 30 days, and 7.0 percent reported “heavy alcohol use” in that same time frame.

cbd for hangovers

It might sound fun, but a night of drinking can come with some major, unwanted side effects

Drinking is also widely prevalent among college students. 58.0 percent claim to have drank alcohol in the past month, and 37.9 percent report binge drinking recently. Regular heavy alcohol use was reported by 12.5 percent of college students between the ages of 18-22 (keep in mind that the legal drinking age in the U.S. is 21 years old). It’s also worth noting that these numbers rely on self-reporting, and although there are parameters provided by the surveyors, results can still can be slightly skewed as not everyone considers their habits to be in the realm of “binge drinking” or “heavy drinking”.

Who Gets Hangovers?

Apparently, hangovers are partially due to genetic factors. This explains why two people can drink the same amount of alcohol and one experiences a hangover while the other does not. An Australian study conducted on twins found that certain genetic variants not only cause people to get hangovers, but the people with those variations are also more inclined to go out drinking than those who don’t have the gene.

A more recent Korean study added another layer to this social enigma. In this study, 20 sober men had their blood drawn, then blood was taken once again 13 hours after drinking. Results showed that the men who suffered from hangovers had an increased level of cytokines. Cytokine is a general name for many different types of small proteins that play an important role in cell signaling.

How CBD Helps Hangovers

cbd hangovers

CBD can be a great way to cure the dreaded hangover

When it comes to relieving hangovers, CBD has many amazing attributes. For example, it’s known to reduce inflammation, pain, and nausea – all of which are common symptoms of a hangover. It can also help alleviate one very common ailment that comes along with a night of binge drinking – migraines.

A 2013 study looked specifically at how CBD counteracts the after-effects of alcohol consumption. Lab rats were given enough alcohol to cause life-threatening seizures that resulted in loss of brain cells (neurodegeneration). CBD was then applied to some of the rats’ skin, this reduced the neurodegeneration by nearly 50 percent. So, the rats treated with CBD lost half as many brain cells as the rats that didn’t receive any.

Some more noteworthy studies include this one, exhibiting how CBD acts as a neuroprotectant and antioxidant, and this one, showing how CBD has the ability to regulate blood sugar.

Best Products to Cure a Hangover

Now that we’ve given you quite an earful of information, let’s take a look at some of the top-rated CBD products used to treat hangovers and mitigate the negative effects of alcohol.

  1. Joy Organics CBD Tinctures – Tinctures are one of the quickest ways to feel the effects of CBD. They’re also very easy to dose accurately. Joy Organics’ tinctures are made with full-spectrum, THC-free, CBD oil plus organically grown hemp seed oil, grape seed oil, and essential oils such as mint, orange, or lemon in the flavored varieties. Use the coupon code CBDTESTERS at checkout for a 20% discount.
    20% discount on Joy Organics CBD products

    20% discount on Joy Organics CBD products

    20% discount on Joy Organics CBD products

  2. Monk CBD Elixirs – Looking for a natural and delicious way to deal with the hangovers that follow a night of partying? If yes, then check out MONK CBD Drinking Botanicals. Made with a blend of filtered watered, various spices and botanicals, and high-quality CBD, these drinks are specially formulated to nourish and rejuvenate the body.
  3. Sunday Scaries Gummies – Aside from cannabidiol, these gummies incorporate vitamins B-12 and D-3, an excellent combination used in many products to boost the mood and improve hangover symptoms. Sunday Scaries are made with all-natural ingredients and are free of dairy, yeast, soy, peanuts, egg, and gluten.
  4. The Good Patch from La Mend – Featured in Beauty Independent, Los Angeles Times, Forbes, and many other major publications, this hangover patch is designed with relief in mind. It’s made from a combination of vitamin B1, green tea extract, and 15 mg of premium hemp extract, and reviews claim that it works very quickly and efficiently.

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