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Arizona Cannabis Eatery Serves Special Snacks to Non-Smokers

cannabis restaurant
Written by Steven Bridge

There are many different ways to take cannabis and CBD, and it really comes down to personal taste at the end of the day. There are those who love to smoke or vape the herb, while others prefer the medicinal effects they get from eating it.

While 65% of Arizona voters approved Proposition 200 a while ago, to allow the use of medical cannabis with a doctor’s prescription, it didn’t go ahead at the time due to state legislators. Cannabis and CBD eventually became legal in Arizona for medical purposes but not recreationally, although it can be purchased from several state-licensed dispensaries.

However, You can’t buy CBD or cannabis just anywhere in the Grand Canyon State. And you’ll also need a medical cannabis card to gain access to it. The Mint Dispensary includes a state-of-the-art cannabis restaurant, located in Guadalupe, near Tempe. They serve some mouth-watering cannabis concoctions which have customers coming back for more.

The Mint Dispensary looks much like any other restaurant when you get past the dispensary area. But while they use everyday ingredients to make their delicious menu items, they also use a range of oils and butter, which is infused with THC – the compound in cannabis associated with feeling high or stoned.

Having opened late last year, The Mint Dispensary is one of the largest in the US, boasting an impressive 12,000 square feet of space. Many medical cannabis users don’t like smoking or anything to do with it. Some also can’t stomach sweet cannabis edibles such as gummy bears. But who’s going to say no to a delicious cannabis pizza or taco?

cannabis restaurant

Delicious cannabis-infused grilled cheese sandwich. Photo courtesy of The Mint Dispensary’s Facebook

One of the three chefs who work at the Mint Dispensary is Christopher Valle. “I come from a medical background, and I always wanted to help people,” he said according to an AZ Central report. “I feel like this is even better for them than pharmaceuticals. All you taste is the flavors of the food you’re eating.” Due to regulations in Arizona, customers are not allowed to sit and eat the food at the dispensary, and for now, it’s just a take-out service being offered.

The owner of Mint Dispensary, Raul Molina, also spoke to reporters. “I really don’t like to bring cheerleaders in,” he says. “And by that, I mean people who already love marijuana. I like to bring in the mother who maybe lost her son to heroin and thinks it’s because he started with marijuana,” he said, talking about his personal vision.

Another chef from this unique restaurant, Krystian Johnson, said, “I love to cook with cannabis infused food, and the best place to do it legally is here.” Customers order from a small menu and can choose from hot dogs, burgers, fries, pizza, and other items, and they can then choose their THC concentration.

That could be anywhere from 25 milligrams to 1,000 milligrams of THC depending on the patient, their needs, and other factors. For those with a sweet tooth, items like cupcakes, cookies, and brownies are also available to order. The kitchen currently generates roughly 10 percent of the Mint Dispensary’s total income, but that is expected to grow exponentially in the near future.

Another reason why customers keep coming back for more is that the food items at Mint Dispensary are made to order and are fresh. This means there’s no preservatives or other additives in the mix to prolong shelf-life. The main attractions for patients in Arizona is a blend of good quality cannabis and healthy eating.

The Mint Dispensary’s kitchen does precisely that, and you can even choose delicious chicken wraps, cannabis-infused calzones, and specials that hit the menu from time-to-time. No doubt this won’t be the last cannabis restaurant – or kitchen inside of a dispensary – you’ll be seeing. Expect more to pop up across the nation in the near future, especially if things go according to plan with the FDA.

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