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What’s The Deal With Cannabis Manicures?

cannabis manicures
Written by Sophie Smith

Manicures are a staple self-care practice that many women love to treat themselves to. Looking to take your experience to new highs? A cannabis manicure might be just what you need…

In 2018, 22.19 million Americans received 4 or more manicures per year. Nowadays, nail art can be seen all over social media and its popularity just keeps on growing. Now nail technicians are also finding ways to incorporate everyone’s favorite herb into our monthly manicures. Cannabis is renowned for its versatility as a material, alternative medicine and more. We have the ability to create just about anything from this wonder-plant. CBD, one of the cannabinoids found in cannabis, also has a variety of uses. From pain relief to aiding acne to relieving symptoms of menopause, there’s not much CBD can’t do!

But what’s the deal with cannabis in manicures and how do they use it as a treatment? Let’s see some of the ways that the mighty herb can enhance your spa experience.

What is a Cannabis Manicure?

Cannabis manicures involve using cannabis or CBD-infused products in your treatment. Your therapist will switch your traditional manicure products for those containing cannabis. The idea is to bring an extra dose of indulgence and relaxation to your treatment.

cannabis manicures
The cannabis manicure – literally – with small flakes of flowers under acrylic

Los Angeles based beauty salon Bellacures revolutionized the US spa scene with their CBD “Canni-Cure”. This experience uses products from the Kush Queen brand to deliver a relaxing CBD manicures and pedicures.

Bellacures’ CBD bath bomb soaks make your fingers soft and supple before a cannabis-infused sugar scrub exfoliates your hands for smooth skin. After massaging hands and arms with cannabis “melt away” pain relief lotion, it’s on to a CBD cuticle oil to seal the deal.

Some nail techs take it one step further. You can find salons crumbling up cannabis flowers and setting them into clear acrylic nail extensions. But this one might be not safe for work!

Cannabis beauty experiences are also popping up across America. These parties usually offer ‘dabs’ of cannabis wax throughout the spa experience. CBD infused beverages are also served, as well as edibles like CBD chocolate. Even Kim Kardashian recently threw herself a CBD themed baby shower.

Where can I get a cannabis manicure?

After CBD was legalized in California, cannabis manicures began to pop-up in places like LA. They then became popular across other parts of the USA where cannabis is legal.

As for the rest of the world, canna-cures are slow to catch on. This is due to the many grey areas regarding the legality of cannabis and CBD in other countries.

Are there any health benefits to CBD manicures?

cannabis manicures

Cannabis manicures were first offered at select salons in Los Angeles

At this point, CBD manicures are more for therapeutic use as opposed to being a medicinal treatment. However, given CBD’s ability to deliver relief for a variety of conditions, it could also provide some light relief for the following issues…

CBD relieves dry and eczema-prone skin

CBD has the ability to relieve dry skin. As a result, cannabis manicures could be great for relieving the irritating symptoms of eczema and dry skin. Research shows that CBD can reduce the itch that comes along with eczema.

The cannabis lotion used in a canna-mani treatment can provide some soothing hydration to hands too.  Because CBD is anti-inflammatory, this also makes it well suited for eczema prone hands.

CBD helps arthritis and joint pain

When CBD is applied topically, it’s been said to ease chronic pain associated with conditions like arthritis. So depending on the dosage of the CBD manicure products, the experience could provide some light relief.

CBD lotions and salves are commonly used in ‘canna-cure’ manicures. This could deliver some topical relief through the body’s Endocannabinoid system (ECS)  receptors, which are found even in our skin. Research on the ECS is revealing the role it plays in regulating pain, balancing hormones and more.

CBD oil is nutritious for skin and nails

cannabis manicure

CBD oil is great for the nails, especially dry and cracked cuticles

CBD oil has bags of health benefits. One of which being that it’s packed with vitamins and minerals. CBD oil contains lots of Vitamin A, C & E. Vitamin A stimulates the cells that keep our skin firm and healthy. Vitamin C aids collagen production and Vitamin E absorbs easily into the skin to aid dry, scaly outbreaks.

The essential fatty acids Omega 3 & Omega 6 are found in abundance in CBD oil. It’s these two ‘good’ fats, along with amino acids, that help to promote strong and healthy nails. This makes it perfect to use as a cuticle oil or nail oil during a manicure treatment.

Final thoughts

Cannabis manicures are all the rage in the US. But in many parts of the world, the legality of cannabis and CBD is still an issue. Therefore, it may be a while before cannabis manicures pop up at a salon near you if you’re outside the US.

However, if you’re a US resident and want to wind down with a canna-cure, check a salon near you. Or you can seek out cannabis party hosts to bring relaxing cannabis treatments to your door.

Treatments can involve smoking CBD, soaking with CBD bath bombs, getting a cannabis cuticle treatment and more. Whatever your choice, we’re sure you’ll feel all the more indulgent post-mani.

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