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Microdosing: The Ideal Way To Manage Cannabis And CBD

Written by Steven Bridge

While some people like to get heavily medicated from their Cannabis or CBD, others enjoy a more gradual and mild experience that can be achieved by microdosing.

Cannabis – and specifically one of the compounds contained in it called CBD – have gained global recognition over the past decade as the era of cannabis and hemp prohibition is ushered out, and a new era of natural, non-toxic medicinal treatments are ushered in.

Many people who are prescribed various chemical medications from their doctor for just about any and every ailment that plagues them don’t like the side effects they often have from taking them. Some patients feel nauseous and disoriented, while some drugs have you waking up with what feels like a hangover.

That’s why cannabis has become legal (medicinally or recreationally) across so many states in North America and other parts of the world, as the global community insists on a non-addictive and safer alternative to big pharma medications. That’s not to mention that Cannabis and Hemp grow well and even after processing come in at a fraction of the cost of big-name drugs.

What is Microdosing?

microdosing cannabis

Many people microdose with magic mushrooms to get a small dose of psilocybin

Doctors recently discovered that a mild dose of psilocybin, the psychoactive substance found in magic mushrooms, could help people suffering from anxiety and depression disorders. Many cannabis users have found over years of extended use that sometimes less is more. It’s all about taking Cannabis or CBD in careful measure and finding your sweet spot. It also means you don’t build up a massive tolerance from too much cannabis which clogs the cannabis and CBD receptors in the body and means you need more to feel the effects.

People who microdose report being productive and feeling creative; a far cry from sitting in a pile of mush in front of the PlayStation having just ripped ten bong hits. Some people microdose in the evening to wind down after a hard day. Others choose first thing in the morning as their optimal time to Microdose, but either way, the experience is like getting high but way milder. How do I Microdose? I hear you ask?…

How To Microdose

Microdosing isn’t rocket science; you just do what the name suggests. Administering a tiny dose of cannabis or CBD to the system allows one to experience the positive therapeutic effects of the plant while avoiding any lethargy or trippy thoughts caused by a hefty dose of THC. One of the interesting things about THC is that, like magic mushrooms, in microdoses, it’s subtle effects express themselves in serenity, a feeling of focus and a sense of creative energy. Quite different from the monged out, cerebral high most people associate with cannabis use.

The best way to microdose is by trial and error. If you smoke, roll a joint or pack a bowl in the normal way you would. But instead of attacking it while making a Tasmanian devil face to suck it dry of its existence; you just take one tiny hit. Controversial, I know, but that’s how I roll. If you vape then set your oven to low temperature and just take one tasty Terpene-packed puff. Then wait for 15 minutes, going about your business in the usual way and see how you feel. It’s as simple as that and as well as helping you to be more productive in life, plus if you microdose, it’ll make your cannabis and CBD products last a lot longer.

Can You Microdose With CBD?

Microdosing with CBD is uncommon because it doesn’t have any intoxicating effects

An interesting question indeed, and one that deserves an answer. CBD has zero psychoactive effects as it contains only tiny trace amounts of THC. CBD Flowers are specially cultivated to contain high levels of CBD but low levels THC. That means that while they don’t get you high in the same way as conventional cannabis does, they do leave you feeling stress-free, relaxed and often with a big, inexplicable smile on your face.

As such, you can indeed microdose with CBD, but the effects are less pronounced. It’s almost pointless to microdose with CBD as more is better with this compound in most cases and it will never leave you with mind-fuzz or a bad hangover. That said, there are those who like just a mild dose of CBD – in whatever form – in the morning, to get their day started.

Final Thoughts

Microdosing is an excellent way of experimenting with your cannabis or CBD experience and includes some fantastic benefits. There are times in life when you can kick back, smoke a fat one and hit that Playstation hard. Other times in life are more challenging and require a little more focus and attention to tedious details. It’s at these times that Microdosing, be it cannabis or CBD, seems to work best for people; thousands of whom have significantly benefited and saved a bunch of hard-earned cash at the same time.

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