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The Future Of Vaping CBD

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Written by James Dunworth

While vaping is getting a lot of attention, Vaping CBD is still much under the radar.

In a recent predictions post on vaping,which brought together 17 scientists, vape advocates, bloggers and industry experts, CBD only got a single mention.  Partly that’s because the current war on vaping takes up a lot of attention among experts. But with the way current trends are looking, vaping CBD is set to be the next big thing. So what’s going to happen?

Back in the late 2000’s when the vaping industry got started it was very much a cottage industry with niche suppliers, a lack of safety concerns, and a lack of professionalism. That seems all to common in the CBD industry, at least in the UK. We’ve only managed to identify a limited number of brands we’d be happy to stock at present.

Vaping CBD Flowers
Vaping CBD Flowers

Our concerns include where it’s grown – as cannabis and hemp plants are very good at sucking up pesticides and other dangerous chemicals and pollutants from the earth – and the professionalism of the companies supplying them.

However, as long as demand continues to increase, issues with quality and integrity will change as well. Companies constantly monitor trends and it’s clear that consumers are interested in CBD. Not only that, but they’re look for high-quality CBD that comes with guarantees of safety and effectiveness. 

Market forces will ensure a great focus on producing such products that can meet the demand while maintaining certain standards. Chinese CBD giant, Hangsen, is already investing millions into research and you can be sure they are investing in CBD products too. They will be closely followed by some of the smaller but well respected companies in the e-liquid market. There will also be many fresh names in the market. Current CBD manufacturers in Europe will have to either up their game or end up being sidelined by new competitors.

In terms of technology, it’s highly likely that we will see larger hardware companies such as Aspire, Innokin, and Smok jumping on the bandwagon and producing kits optimized for use with CBD e-liquids. Some of these products will be regular vape kits with some hype attached, but we will also see some real research into producing hardware that utilizes the benefits of CBD.

Online sales of CBD are currently being hampered by the refusal of PayPal and other payment providers, not only to process CBD transactions but to service retailers who sell CBD. Taking advantage of this, some payment processors have created solutions which are taking up to 10% commission. While this is currently putting a break on the growth of online CBD sales, retailers will find a way round it. PayPal will monitor the market, and if it grows to an extent that can’t be ignored, they will reconsider their blanket ban on CBD sales.

There also needs to be more worldwide research delving into the benefits of CBD. In particular, many UK vapers believe that due to restrictions on CBD there, UK CBD is just not as effective as US versions. We need research to find out how effective ALL versions are. If it does turn out that US product is better than the UK, the CBD industry will have some ammunition in order to lobby for a relaxation of laws and improved manufacturing methods. 

Ultimately, the future of CBD will be determined by demand. As long as demand grows further, companies will produce the hardware and vape liquid to meet the demand. And that can only benefit CBD consumers in the long run. 

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James Dunworth

James Dunworth is the co-founder of E Cigarette Direct, a rapidly expanding vape company founded in 2008 and now employing 90 people. James has been featured in most major newspapers in the UK, and has been interviewed about vaping on Sky News, BBC Wales (TV and Radio), The Jeremy Vine Show, Hello Wales and Radio Five Live. You can find him blogging here: http://www.ecigarettedirect.co.uk/ashtray-blog/