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Are You Buying Fake CBD Products?

Look for 'CBD Testers Verified' and avoid from buying fake CBD products.
Written by Ofer Shoshani

As CBD grows in mainstream popularity and more companies are offering CBD products, the risk of buying fake products has been growing as well.

Exactly a year ago, we have published an article named CBD Testers program could solve online CBD mislabeling issues. The background for this article was a study finding that nearly 70 percent of CBD products sold online contained either higher or lower concentrations of the medicine than specified on the label. We have decided to step-in and verify CBD so our readers, worried about taking the wrong dosage, could trust the product they are using.

A year has passed and our ‘CBD Testers Verified‘ program has helped many patients find their best remedy, but has the online world become safer for them? Not really…

Browsing through the internet you can easily spot the many new brands, selling the same products under different names. Even worse, looking for lab results (or COA) you often end up looking at expired tests, fake numbers, partial information or even CBD products armed with nothing but a small image and few testimonials, leaving you with no clue what you have paid for…

Let’s be clear about it, NEVER BUY CBD PRODUCTS FROM COMPANIES YOU DON’T FULLY TRUST. You should first check articles like our own “Shopping For CBD? How To Make Sure You’re Getting The Best Products.” going into details about how to find the best CBD products. You should also look for vetted products. I would like to offer you to look for ‘CBD Testers Verified‘, since we approve these products individually, making sure no fake ones will ever find their way into your hands.

Another way is to avoid buying from MLM and Pyramid schemes. Not that they are necessarily bad, but when you are shopping for a remedy you look for trustworthy sources. How can you trust anyone that offers you a position to become a seller and make money “working from home”? Who is the one selling you the products, a professional with years of experience in this field, or just a new-comer looking for a quick buck?

Get your CBD products verified

Get your CBD products verified

As the holidays have arrived and your mailbox will be soon full of CBD Deals, I would like to offer you a safe alternative: subscribe to our weekly newsletters and get access to high-quality CBD products, coming from ‘CBD Testers Verified’ suppliers, personally approved by myself or others from my team.

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Ofer Shoshani

Ofer Shoshani is the Founder and Editor-in-chief of Cannadelics.