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Turmeric, Charcoal and Gold Among Today’s Cannabis Products

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Written by Stone Everett

If you’re an avid CBD enthusiast then you know the possibilities are now endless. CBD was once an exotic remedy kept out of reach by negative sentiment and legal scrutiny but now, with a huge push from the medical community, we’re seeing it being embraced a lot more.

CBD in medicine remains promising in so many applications, from pain relief to immune system health and even mental stability. With such vast potential benefits and almost no negative side effects the versatility of CBD products is becoming attractive to those who are just looking to preventatively achieve overall wellness in addition to those who are using it to reactively treat an already existing condition.

One of the initial forms of CBD for consumption was oil, shortly followed by capsules.  These were obvious methods for the non-water soluble cannabinoid as they permitted efficient extraction and a more stable shelf life, resulting in a product with optimal integrity. They worked fine for years in both medical and recreational settings, but oil gets old fast and naturally, humans like to continue to push things into new advancements and evolutions.

Now that man has gotten a grasp on one of nature’s most versatile substances, the possibilities are limitless.  With inventions just as unique as their inventors we’re seeing mind blowing advancements meant for use by people everywhere and we’re also seeing very specific applications being developed by unique people with very specific interests.  Some of the more common creations out now include CBD Tea and Coffee (water soluble forms of CBD), chapstick and cosmetic topicals, energy drinks and most versatile of all – distillate powder which can be used to infuse almost any regular everyday item.

These are now starting to grow in popularity but they’re just the tip of the iceberg.  What about those who have taken it a step further?  Like those who are finding other elements with proven benefits to combine with CBD in search of a synergistic effect much greater than what the 2 alone could provide separately.

Enter the Latest Infusions

Turmeric – Together with its byproduct, curcumin, turmeric has a well established reputation for being an anti-inflammatory with zero toxicity. In addition, another study found turmeric to also act as an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory resulting in additional relief for ailments such as arthritis and metabolic syndrome.  It’s no wonder someone would want to incorporate turmeric with CBD, which has also been known to carry anti-inflammatory benefits.  If the two alone are providing relief, the synergistic effect could be even greater.  Imagine if a third complementary element were added or if just these two were combined via different methods.  You can see how the potential really starts to add up. CBD combined with turmeric is most commonly found in capsule form.

CBD products with charcoal

CBD products with charcoal

Charcoal – Activated charcoal is in and for very good reasons.  We’re seeing it being used cosmetically and dentally, and we’re also seeing it ingested as a means for cleansing. Additionally, there’s  a study supporting its positive effects on hypercholesterolemia (high cholesterol).  What a coincidence that CBD has been shown to lower cholesterol in mice as well! It’s also interesting to note that in the aforementioned study, positive effects were only observed in mice that already had an increased amount of cholesterol, not the ones that already had low or normal levels.  This implies that perhaps CBD has a more holistic effect on the body helping it to achieve its optimal state but not going so far as to over assist.  CBD is most commonly combined with charcoal in hygiene/cosmetic products such as toothpaste or face scrub, but there are also ingestible forms for internal health.

Gold infused CBD products

Gold infused CBD products

Gold – Yes, G. O. L. D. gold has been used throughout history for health, beauty and also vanity.  Ancient Egyptian cultures used gold in dentistry, medieval Europeans used gold-laced waters and pills for pain, there are records of Romans using it to cure skin problems, accounts exist of Chinese cultures cooking rice with it to replenish minerals in the body and even Indian history has tales of gold being used for rejuvenation and revitalization.  Gold itself does not get absorbed by the body, even when ingested, but its mere existence in the body is enough to impact other processes.  Although gold’s benefits have been debated, it still has a reputation for being beneficial and, yes, someone out there has already decided to combine it with CBD.  You’ll most commonly find gold infused CBD in oil form and as you would guess, it comes with a higher price tag than normal CBD but who knows… the price could be justified if the benefits are personally experienced.

For example, look at the product below. Coming from a CBD Testers Verified company, it offers both CBDCurcumin and Zero-THC softgels in one product:

CBD + Curcumin Softgels

CBD + Curcumin Softgels

Final Thoughts

Bottom line is everybody’s unique and will react to and tolerate CBD and CBD products differently.  That being said, there are now more ways than ever to experiment with CBD and discover if it could possibly benefit you.  If CBD alone doesn’t help you achieve your goals, perhaps one of today’s latest infusions will produce a synergistic effect and provide more of a benefit to you than just CBD alone.  You never know until you try, but of course, always consume responsibly and consult with your physician to determine your candidacy.



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