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Medical Cannabis News Editors Wanted

Medical Cannabis Jobs
Written by Ofer Shoshani

If you’re passionate about Medical Cannabis and love writing, we have great job opportunities for you.

CBD Testers, a leading Medical Cannabis news & product reviews website is expanding! We are currently looking for skilled and experienced news editors with a strong journalism background as well as experience in editing news stories, to join our growing company.

We are offering the following positions:

Medical cannabis news editor

The medical cannabis news editor is in charge of covering all the “medical” aspects of our industry such as clinical trials, research, science, health, medical conditions, products, technologies and above all, news. As our medical cannabis editor, you will be covering daily news events, writing in-depth articles and editing others.

Please be aware that we take our job very seriously so this offer is only for people with a very strong background in medical cannabis. We have a medical adviser that verifies our content to make sure the writers understand what they are writing about. Our clients, and hence the readers, like our content to be short and succinct. What is most important, is that you need to be a great writer.

Learn more about the medical cannabis news editor position and apply HERE

Recreational CBD editor

The recreational CBD editor, is probably the one who has the coolest job. You job is to cover all the trendy new products, such as CBD flowers, CBD dabbing, edibles, cosmetics, CBD isolates etc. Unlike the medical editor, whose main focus is science, yours are the products themselves. As a result, product reviews may take up the  major part of your day.

Our news editors are experts in their fields. Therefor, you have to be well-educated not only with the latest CBD products, but you must also have a very strong understanding of medical cannabis, science and health. Recreational CBD products are unique because using them provides us with both enjoyment and relief. Your job is to constantly look for the  best products and then write about them.

Learn more about the recreational CBD editor position and apply HERE

Business editor

The role of the business news editor is to be in charge of following the money and covering the Medical Cannabis / CBD Business news. It is both the need and the money that enables  our industry to move forward, We are in the search of an expert to cover this for us. Whether it is business, investments, regulations or announcements your job will be to identify the important events and understand their true meaning.

Part of the CBD Testers job is to serve as a meeting place for the medical cannabis industry and to share that knowledge with our community. As our business editor, you must be very connected, know the ‘big boys’ and be able to communicate with them often. However, your main job by far, is still journalism, so be good at it.

Learn more about the business editor position and apply HERE

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Ofer Shoshani is the Founder and Editor-in-chief of Cannadelics.