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High CBG Flowers: The Next Premium Hemp Buds

Could high-CBD hemp flowers be a safer alternative to tobacco?Space Candy flower (Empire Wellness)
Written by Ofer Shoshani

Almost under the radar, we have been introduced to a new CBD product: High CBG Flowers.

Every month we publish the list of best-selling CBD flowers in the US and best-selling flowers UK / EU. July was a great month for the sales of high quality CBD hemp flowers. In both sides of the Atlantic ocean, high quality CBD flowers, have provided instant relief and a rewarding experience for people using them. Now, for the first time, High CBG Flowers have finally entered the medical cannabis market.

High CBD flowers are premium hemp buds with high levels of CBD with THC under the legal minimum (1% in Switzerland, 0.6% in Italy, 0.3% in the USA, Czech and Austria, 0.2% in the EU). High CBG flowers are taking it to the next level, with CBG as high as possible, making it an important part of the flower. Currently, high CBG flowers have more CBD in them than CBG, that is limited to under 3-4%, but already some companies are researching new high CBG flowers with over 6% CBG, unknown to this market yet.

Green Gum, One of the most popular high CBG flowers (empire wellness). July 2018 best selling CBD flowers.

Green Gum, One of the most popular high CBG flowers (empire wellness). July 2018 best-selling CBD flowers.

The medical benefits of CBG are plenty, in some cases, CBG is more effective that both CBD or THC. According to the land-mark research of Dr. Leah Zachar, CBD Testers medical consultant, CBG is effective in treating inflammatory bowel disease, CBG is neuroprotective (protects and preserves the nerves of the brain from injury, disease, and degeneration), it can be used to treat the loss of appetite, CBG is an antidepressant, have better pain-relieving properties than THC, can treat psoriasis and more. Look what Dr. Zachar has to say:

“it has already been shown that the medical benefits and uses of CBG are similar, if not superior to both CBD and THC.  When it comes to treating pain and muscle spasm, research has already shown that CBG is more effective than both CBD and THC.”
Dr. Leah Zachar, ‘CBD Testers’ medical consultant

Since CBG is so important, it is slowly making its move and becoming a major player in various industries. We can expect to see this happening all over the cannabis market, and in fact, it’s already happened as shown in the list of July’s best-selling CBD flowers.

While it is still too early to call, it appears that flowers with high levels of CBG have a better chance to win the market taste. Since there are many good CBD buds to choose from, growers will make a significant effort to produce the markets with a winning bug, one that has both a great terpene profile, high levels of CBD, trimmed, curated and seedless. Leaning that CBG may also be important and that the demand for high CBG flowers is rising, we can expect to see many more of those coming soon, starting from the next harvest that is around the corner!

Space Candy CBD Flower (empire wellness). One of July 2018 best selling hemp flowers, with CBG over 1.2% 

Space Candy CBD Flower (empire wellness). One of July 2018 best-selling hemp flowers, with CBG over 1.2%

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  • “but already some companies are researching new high CBG flowers with over 6% CBG, unknown to this market yet.”

    High CBGA only varieties in excess of 10% have existed for more then a decade, maybe you did not know of them, but they do exist. GW Pharmaceuticals has a CBG variety licensed to them by HortaPharm BV.

  • I can’t wait till everyone understands that “medical marijuana” is all about knowing the maturation cycles of the cannabis plant and how to glean the various chemical constituents to progress good health. Then, we all got something! ????

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