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Best-Selling CBD Flowers US – July 2018: Is CBG Important?

Green Gum High CBG Hemp Flower (Empire Wellness)
Written by Ofer Shoshani

July was a great month for the sales of high quality CBD hemp flowers. Throughout the united states CBD buds, from various strains, have provided instant relief and a rewarding experience for people using them.

Below is our list of best-selling CBD flowers, for JULY 2018 (based on data coming from the sellers themselves).  A closer look at the flowers themselves, reveal a simple truth: people look for quality. Your flowers must be well-trimmed, cured and seedless, and that’s just the beginning. A winning Terpene profile, desirable effect and instant relief, also high on our demand list for a CBD flower to rank high. However, at the end of the day, there is only one thing that matters and it is sales. The best hemp flowers are the ones people choose to buy… Now, we have found something new and it’s called Cannabigerol (CBG)…

Shop owners / Suppliers: Please contact us to have your CBD hemp flowers and other CBD products included in our monthly lists of best-sellers.

Best-Selling CBD Flowers

Green Gum, The Prince Of CBG

Green Gum CBD Flower (empire wellness). One of July 2018 best selling CBD flowers.

Green Gum CBD Flower (empire wellness), the prince of CBG

With total CBD of over 11% and CBG levels over 2.3% this high CBD hemp flower, is armed with a promising combination of cannabinoids. While the research on CBG (Cannabigerol) as just begun, we already suspect it to be involved in many medicinal processes. Whatever the reason is people just love this flower, and keep on looking for it.
If you have never tried Green Gum before, this should be the next flower you buy!

Space Candy

Space Candy CBD Flower (empire wellness). One of July 2018 best selling hemp flowers.

Space Candy CBD Flower (empire wellness). One of July 2018 best selling hemp flowers.

Looking at the lab results we see that Space Candy, another best-selling hemp flower, contains over 1.2% CBG. Could it be that CBG is what people are looking for when they pick the right flower? With total CBD of 8.5% and a great terpene profile, this quality hemp bud, should be high on your list!

Buy your Space Candy hemp flower

Lemon Drop
Lemon Drop Hemp Bud (empire wellness). One of July 2018 best selling CBD buds.

Lemon Drop Hemp Bud (empire wellness). Another one of July 2018 best-selling CBD buds.

Looking for a strong CBD flower?

With total CBD over 14% the Lemon Drop flower allows you an intense CBD experience. Sometimes, when we need relief, that’s all we want. CBD lovers should always have at least one very high-CBD flower available in cases of need. The lemon Drop is the one for you.

Buy your Lemon Drop hemp flower

Califlower CBD Nugs

CaliFlower Nugs (Stash). One of July 2018 best selling CBD flowers.

CaliFlower Nugs (Stash). One of July 2018 best-selling CBD flowers.

The Califlower CBD Nugs are a very popular choice for people looking for CBD flowers. Like the other three in our list, they were first discovered and reviewed here and in our Recreational CBD Weekly newsletter. Packed with flavor and loaded with CBD, they offer instant relief. Light one up and relax.

The nuggets sell best in this order: Platinum Leaf, Diesel Fire, Hydro.

Now that they are officially among the best-selling CBD flowers of July, you must try them.

Buy your Califlower CBD Nugs now!

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