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Califlower CBD Nugs: One Of The Best Recreational CBD Products

Califlower Nugs (stash)
Written by Ofer Shoshani

If you are looking for quality CBD Flowers, you should try the Califlower CBD Nugs. With 19.25% CBD, and great terpene profiles, it is one of the top recreational CBD products currently available in the US.

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CaliFlower CBD Nugs (Stash)

The Califlower CBD Nugs (19.25% CBD) are packed with flavor and, more importantly, CBD. With three different options it offers varying flavors, concentrations, and targeted relief. It has enough hemp inside to share a Nug with your friends and family.

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The Califlower CBD nuds is made by California based StashCBD. They guarantee that The Califlower CBD Nugs are coming from the country’s finest hemp flowers and that “STASH CBD is committed to upholding that standard by providing only certified hemp-based products”

This is what they want you to know about this product:

“For months we have tested and tried the best hemp options available, then one day we smoked the Califlower and we made our decision.”

Looking at the reviews, it seams that they have picked very good strains, since this product is a constant best-seller, often bought again and again by the returning clients (returning clients are best sign for a quality product). We believe it to be one of the best recreational CBD products currently available in the US.

The Califlower CBD Nugs comes in two bottle sizes: 3.5g or 7g. It is made from only organic and natural ingredients, pesticide free, chemical free and non GMO. THC levels are below 0.3%, as required by regulations.

Choose between: Platinum Leaf, Diesel Fire, Hydro or Sample pack.

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